Homework On The Go With BIC

Back to school, back to the grind of daily homework.

Daily drives after picking my kids up from school on our way home usually entail stop and go traffic which means, my kids actually start their homework as soon as the key goes in the ignition.

For the past few years of this we have used pencils I keep stashed in the middle console.

Endless broken lead tips and nubby erasers later I realize, why haven’t we been using mechanical pencils?!

Oh, that’s right, our track record with them has never been that positive before now.

In steps BIC to the rescue with their new Velocity line of mechanical pencils.

Disclaimer:  I received BIC Velocity MAX free from Smiley360.

With a 75%* wider eraser, BIC Velocity MAX mechanical pencils are perfect for our Common Core erasing needs (I had to, sorry LOL).

The pencils still use the smooth #2 0.7 mm of medium lead.


Each “kit” comes with two mechanical pencils and a refill tube that holds 12 leads PLUS five erasers.  Yes, it comes with extra erasers!

Let’s get into the design of these now:

Soft gel grip that molds to your hand

Larger eraser for more erasing power

Pencils can hold up to 12 leads

Retractable tip

My boys jumped right into using these instead of standard pencils on all of our treks in our truck.


These are super easy and comfortable for my 8 year old and 11-year old twins; no more eraser nubs, pencil shavings (oh, how I loath those) and cramped hands!

Hind sight is 20/20 as the saying goes.

*75% wider eraser compared to BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil

Do you prefer regular wood pencils or mechanical pencils? Why?


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