Seventh Generation

Natural Laundry Detergent


With summer months comes heat and, sometimes, hives from the heat. Doesn’t matter your age, when your skin is ultra heated and itchy, you want clothes that don’t irritate it. One way to ensure this is to wash your clothes in a laundry detergent that is not only natural but, has zero fragrances, dyes and artificial brighteners.

In steps Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear, their natural laundry detergent. This detergent is not only safe by being chalked full of plant-derived cleaning agents and enzymes but, is also an effective formula that keeps clothes clean and maintains their fibers.

I received a 50 fl oz bottle of their liquid detergent for free to test and try out with all the different levels of muck, filth, stink and “I have no idea what that is” via my three kids, two itchy dogs, a fur-ball puking cat and one tired mom, myself.

This laundry detergent is not only a safer choice but, is also he compatible and can do an average of 33 loads of laundry.

My elementary school-aged children are in a district that mandates school uniforms; it used to be white shirts (ugh) but,they broadened it out to dark blue and grey shirts. Mine tend to wear the light grey shirts a lot and like to wear ketchup, mustard, dirt, juice and such by the end of their school day. This detergent has so far battled and won all stains and gunky who knows what.

Clothes are soft and non-irritating for my kids after washing plus, my dogs’ blankets and other bedding are clean, non-irritating to their skins also. This is a problem I have had with them using other detergents.

Very neutral scent and one may think clothes are left with a semi-musty scent but, that’s the actual natural smell of clothes without the perfume/fragrance enhancements of other detergents.

Do you or anyone in your household have sensitivities? 

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  1. No sensitivities in my household, but I am currently using this product, quite good actually, highly concentrated version

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