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With the beginning of summer comes the beginnings of adventures and for boy and girl 11-year old twins and an eight year old boy, possibilities abound!  This weekend I took my sons to SeaWorld San Diego and was amazed at their new Ocean’s Explorer that embarks you on a thrilling deep-sea expedition but, like all new attractions there was some hiccups along the way that made it a bit of a bumpy road.

First up we rode the Tentacle Twirl in which you take to the skies in an exciting, jellyfish-themed swing ride that tilts and swirls you around in a dizzying spectacle.

My youngest likes to pretend he is Superman

It was an immediate up, up and away with giggles, shrills and laughter from beginning to end.  Many of us parents were giggling due to the laughter infused air.  There are two lines once you enter the “waiting area” after the regular line; one for guests between 40” and 48” and their “accompanying supervisor” and the other one for 48” and up that can ride singularly.  They allow the double-riders in first to use up all the double-swings then the single ones are allowed entry.

Upon our first ride of the Tentacle Twirl (we rode it a few times throughout the day) we quickly went into the queue for Submarine Quest.

We were one of the first 40 people in line and after 30 minutes we had moved maybe 10’.  Each “Submarine” holds six people and that is where the time hold-up starts.  Most groups were four, maybe three or even six and the need to fill up each one meant stopping and going back through the line looking for onsies and twosies to fill them up.  After 30 minutes of waiting the workers had pulled the fourth set of two people so, I sent my boys on without me.  It would have been another 30-minute wait if we had waited to go as a group of three.  Lessons learned on this and, throughout the day as we went by, the minimum wait time was an hour and a half.

Each submarine has tablets embedded into the console of each of the two seats so, three per submarine.  You collect data and learn how to help animals.  I thought the adventure would take them through tunnels and rooms that were aquariums teeming with these under sea creatures.  According to them, they saw some jelly fish and couldn’t really get their tablet to do much.  I shall delve into this more another day once I am able to not deal with an hour wait even from being one of the first into the waiting line.

In the end, today was the perfect day to spend with all the other rides in SeaWorld and it was a first for my youngest which I will get into in a bit.  First up after the new Ocean’s Explorer area they rode the Journey To Atlantis ride twice with zero wait and could have done some more but, their second time around they came out soaking wet.

We still don’t know why he was laughing hysterically at this moment.

I love the aquarium in the Atlantis area, full of teeming fish and rays; beautiful throughout.

Heading out from there we decided on the Artic adventures, cold and all.  We have always been stricken by the beluga whales.

Great experience after “riding” through the Artic on a helicopter!  The wait time was only seven minutes which gave my boys a chance to dry off and eat up some snacks we had with us.  The addition of sea lions to the Artic area was perfect but, we were slightly saddened with our mistiming of the polar bears who were nowhere to be seen; another day it shall be!

Very sweet and friendly walrus.

Sharks were next on the menu; not literally of course.


One thing I have always noted about SeaWorld is how informative their employees are that work in the specified animal encounter areas.

The shark ones amaze my youngest son each time; he is an absolute informational sponge on everything sharks.

Of the 400+ species of sharks in the world, only 14 are deemed aggressive towards humans so, those are the ones that are most notably not at SeaWorld.

The interactive area of the sea turtles was alive with younger children so, we did detour that area but, spent some time admiring all the gorgeous sea life.

Right outside of that my boys jumped right into Aqua Scout which none of my kids have ever ridden before; not sure why but, they loved it and I can say that it was another first of many for the day.  Laughed out loud as the mini-submarines spun, bumped and bounced them around.

We headed over to the manta ray area as my eldest son set off to ride Manta by himself, my youngest has never wanted to ride it besides just now being tall enough to ride; must be 48” to ride Manta.  In the front as always, he had a blast with zero wait to get on the ride.

While he rode I talked my youngest into trying it out so, eldest and youngest whipped right into line for another first!  After all the squeals of delight I heard and hands in the air I saw, it was requested to ride it yet again but, my youngest wanted to be in front!  Yes!!!!

Another round of soaring, diving and twisting through the double-launch coaster tracks.

We spun around to feeding the manta rays which I noted was less teeming than I and my sons remember.

Magnificent animals and very loving plus, they are always hoping for food from your hands.  Easy to reach and pet these beautiful beasts; my youngest son named the two largest ones, Sheila and Ursula.

After our picnic lunch of PB&J and chips in the bed of my truck we headed back into the park for the actual park to play so my boys could burn off some more energy playing tag up in the air on wooden bridges and rope netting.

We all agreed it was a wonderful day from beginning to end even with the hiccups from their Submarine Quest which, only having opened this past weekend, was and is understandable.  Only seeing a bit of the park’s animals and adventures we headed back home after a tiring but, fun-filled weekend.  A huge thank you goes to SeaWorld and guest relations for making me a blogging pass member!

More to explore another day as always!

What is your favorite sea creature?


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