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I was looking for something I could wear to work so my Fitbit wouldn’t look so sporty at the office. The Wearlizer offers a unique stylish design that makes your Fitbit Blaze into a jewelry watch.

Wearlizer comes in four different colored metals in two different sizes; Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver in extra-small and small however, the black only comes in small.

Compatible with Apple Watch Band AWB10,Charge 2 FBC7, Blaze FBB13.

I chose to receive the rose gold for testing purposes and am so glad I did; the color and finish is gorgeous!

I must say that this watch band does a perfect job of becoming a replacement for the actual Fitbit band. It looks great and it works fantastically. It holds the Fitbit parts and is a fantastic replacement for the original band.

Comes with easily removeable links it fits perfect. There are three clasps that allow you to adjust the length of the band. You can remove up to two of them to make it smaller.

(1) The links can be removed without any tool.  (2) Open the buckle with your hand.  (3) Adjust it to the size that fits you.

Adopts knock-down buckle design, it is easy to remove links, DIT and adjust size, no tool needed.

Small fits a 7” to 7.8” wrist and XSmall fits up to a 7” wrist.

Small smart watch frame and bracelet measures 3.8 x 3 x 2.7 inches; XSmall 3.8 x 2.8 x 2.2 inches.

Comes with a screen protector as a gift.

12 months no-hassle warranty. They accept returns if you are not happy with the quality.

In case you need the extra links, here’s the link: (

Small, Black:

Small, Gold:

XSmall, Gold:

Small, Rose Gold:

XSmall, Rose Gold:

Small, Silver:

XSmall Silver:

Do you wear a Fitbit?  What type?

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