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I am a cat lady, I admit, even though I only have one cat currently plus, two dogs and three kids.  Yes, I am seriously outnumbered in my household!

I named my almost 16-year old cat, Naya, after my favorite vodka, Stolichnaya, and she has been with me since she was six weeks old.  She is my little old lady and my baby!

I have tried different littering systems through the years but, one thing that has been constant is my cleaning of her litter box which I do every day; one bag and out into the trash it goes.

Seems repetitive, monotonous and is a lot of waste, it is.

I was chosen to test out a new litter collection product for free from Brandbacker and I can say this has now changed this task completely.

The Litter Genie is a “cat litter disposal system” that is meant to keep your home fresh and your cat happy.

In theory, it sounds like it would work like The Diaper Genie, it is designed entirely differently but, has the same concept, to store without odor.

The Litter Genie kit comes with the container, a ring of bags, scooper and an attachment to keep the scooper on the side of the container.

Set-up is simple:

(1) Remove all packaging to include inside the container.

(2) Remove sealant ring around the bag container.

(3) Start pulling the bag out of the ring.

Note:  Inside the bag ring is one constant tube of bagging material, not separated bags nor perforated bagging.

(4) Pull out around one foot length of bagging and tie the end.

(5) Open the inner closure to place the lower part of the bag inside the main container and close.


To use:

(1) Place waste in the top part of the container.

(2) Pull out the inner closure to allow the waste to drop down into the bottom part of the bag.


(3) When full (more on time frame below) open the container at the hinge part and cut the bag with the inside cutter.

(4) Tie top-end now and voila, bag of cat waste ready to be thrown out.

(5) Repeat set-up and use again.

Time frames:

I tested out various time frames because the one inkling thought throughout is; “How long until it smells?”.  At least mine was.

The Litter Genie is meant for households with one cat AND for multiple cats.  Time frame between total usage is dependent on that.  I tested out one week of daily litter box cleaning and up to almost two weeks, which is what the disclaimers of The Litter Genie state are.

My cat’s kitty litter box is in my bathroom so, due to lack of space, I kept The Litter Genie in my bedroom right at the bathroom door entrance.  My cat and my dogs could all “tell” there was waste in it after a sniff but, left it completely alone and I never smelt any odors.  Winner in my book.


Another plus side is the fact that the whole system is plastic with the exception of the cutter and hinges making it really easy to clean off and out whenever you need or want to.

The bagging is approximately 14 feet and is able to last up to 8 weeks with one cat.  The Litter Genie has standard refills sold separately.

While the steps may seem tedious when written out as above, it truly is quick and simple.  My daughter was doing it in the end and was thrilled at how easy it was.

Head over to the Litter Genie’s Facebook page as they have been having weekly giveaways for their new system.

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Check out for product detail, list of retailers, and to print out a $5 off coupon to use at a participating retailer near you.

Available on Amazon:

Do you have a cat?  One, multiple?  Names!  Pictures!

Yeah, I love me some furry friends!!!

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