May-Day Mayday

Mayday as in S.O.S…

It’s already May which means next month takes us halfway through 2017 already!

I honestly feel like I have accomplished hardly anything so far and am beyond behind on dozens of “To Do” items.  From the last week of March until even now I have been healing and mending from surgery I had done in March.  I still have months to go before I can say 100%.  I admit to feeling stir-crazy and it’s been very difficult for me to do nothing but rest and heal.  Blah and blech!!

C’est La Vie though!  

I really need to get everything back on track from reviewing and blogging to getting some sort of exercise in.  High on my list of getting back into is affiliate programs; I affiliate for some great companies but, I admit to not being as proactive as I truly should be.  So much to do without the ability to do what I want to, how I want to.  Ahhh the life of a single mother with three kids and a full-time job is full of adventures especially when you add our fur babies into the mix.

My old lady worried about me after I was released from the hospital.

As I sit here typing my mind is going in every direction especially towards June when my kids are finished with the school year.  Unfortunately none of us get a real summer vacation; while I am at work they are all in daycare.  I have them take curriculum to do while they are there to keep their minds sharp and occupied but, I do realize how boring it is.  Unfortunately summer camps are wayyyyy out of my budget plus, my work hours do not coincide with camp hours; camps start three hours after I have to start work.  At least they have Karate in the late afternoon three days a week!

Stayed late one evening so they could practice breaking “boards”

So much to do and so little time to do it in!  

Picture is several months old but, the frazzled “look” is still valid LOL

How do you stay on track?  

What are your summer plans?

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