Misto Sprayer

Wanting to curtail my use of propellants and chemicals in the kitchen even more I looked into economical and environmental friendly non-aerosol sprayers and stumbled upon Misto.

Misto is one of the best selling Oil Mister brands in the U.S.  Misto is a non-aerosol oil sprayer that can spray a variety of oils without any harmful propellants or chemicals; BPA-free.  Comes in three colors:  Tomato, Orange, Silver and Eggplant but, each is priced differently with Tomato and Silver being the most affordable.  Main reason why I chose this color plus, it matches the color-scheme in my kitchen.

The aluminum can is refillable with the oil of your choice and has a twist-on easy-to-use pump style cap; pump the cap then press the valve on the pressurized sprayer.  I admit it took me a few tests to be able to produce an even mist.  Can be used for grilling, roasting, sauteing, and non-stick cooking.

Step 1  Fill bottle halfway with oil, about 1/2 cup. The remaining space is needed for air pressure that builds when the cap is pumped. This allows MISTO to deliver a fine spray without chemical propellants.

Step 2  Replace and tighten screw collar. Put the cap back on. After each use of MISTO, loosen the screw collar to release any remaining air pressure in the container. This helps ensure an even, steady flow of oil is delivered to the nozzle the next time MISTO is used.

Step 3  Pump the cap 10 to 15 times, or until resistance is felt. This indicates sufficient air pressure exists to deliver a perfect spray. The less oil there is in the container, the more pumps will be needed to achieve resistance.

Step 4  Remove cap and press nozzle to spray. To deliver the most effective oil mist, hold the bottle vertically while spraying. Never tilt the bottle at an angle greater than 45 degrees while spraying.

Following these steps is very important; remember that there is no propellant chemical you are creating the pressurization.  Tilting the container too much will result in a stream (or blobs) to be created instead.

I am planning on purchasing another of these non-aerosol sprayers to use for vegetable oil; I am using this one for extra-virgin olive oil.

Other positives?  (1) No more buying and throwing away aerosol cans that end up in landfills.  (2) Inner cap has a filter so you can add spices or dried herbs directly into the oil in the canister to create different flavors. (3) I cannot reiterate enough to follow the steps; this is truly a great gadget for any kitchen!

Spray your own Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil or even water if you want to use it as a make-up setter or facial spray!

Get yours today!


  1. I want to get this. Does it really work??? I assume so, I’d make sure to hold it vertical. I have some spray bottles for essential oil, and many oils don’t work in it, so I wonder about oils for the kitchen in a spray bottle.

    1. Hmmm, I never really thought about using a spray bottle for kitchen oils; mostly because a misting effect is more wanted than spray. While the Misto has it quirks to work effectively, they aren’t a bother and spraying healthier is worth it for me 🙂

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