One of the positives of living in a temperate climate is that, no matter what season it is, flip-flops, sandals and open-toed shoes are in fashion year ‘round.  The down-side is the need to keep up with the up-keep of your feet year ‘round also.


The callus remover I received from Magnifeko for testing helps achieve this smooth necessity in one very handy way.  The rechargeable pedicure tool comes with three roller grinding heads, the power adaptor, a protective cover, cleaning brush and it all comes in a semi-indestructible carrying case that has removable sections on one side and stretchy netting on the other.

Full charging takes roughly 10 hours if starting from zero or, if you haven’t used it for a while.  You don’t have to use it charged though as the adapter has a long cord giving you the option to just use it while it’s plugged in.

Easy to achieve the smoothness on my many rough areas; gently gliding the rotating grinding head over each area for a few seconds quickly removes the dry and hard skin.  The fine dusting of dead skin collects under the roller head.  Even though the unit is water resistant (remember, there is a difference between water resistant and water-proof) I would rather clean the head with the cleaning brush provided.

Removal of the grinding head is done by pressing the release button on the right side (as you are looking at it) and lifting the right side of the grinding head to remove it.   For re-installing, there are grooves on inside of the holder; when you hear a clicking sound the grinding head is installed.

The grinder spins 360° at 40 times a second with 300° of grinding access.  Works faster, safer and easier than other methods.  Very pleased with the effective results after using it as a part of my weekly feet maintenance.

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