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I am passionate about finding ways to save my hard-earned money when purchasing products online.  Being a single mom with three kids makes it not only a necessity but, I feel like I am on top of the world when finding deals.  Okay, I have no life I know!  While there is a slew of ways to get these deals I want to focus on a site that gives a versatile approach to saving.

How is it versatile?

First, they start with the customer in mind and offer not only physical goods but, local deals and even getaways (one day I shall be able to book a vacation from here).  All the while offering coupons on top of the deals.

What is this wondrous way?

This is a sponsored post however; all opinions are my own.

Groupon Coupons

Groupon’s Coupons is all about saving you even more money on top of their everyday deals and promotions.

They currently have 76,437 FREE coupons to use at 11,579 stores.

‘Tis the Season!  Not the merry kind either!  Okay, it’s Tax Season but, no worries with Groupon Coupons!

Currently TurboTax has 35 different coupons available to match, help maximize deductions and specialize what you need to get your taxes done right and save.

After completing your taxes (and likening it to playing Monopoly with family members) check out the vast array of coupons featuring a HOT stay at Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace (ah yes, Vegas, my before I had kids playground) to getting a $10 eGift Card at Starbuck (my after having kids necessity) plus, everything in-between.

Running now to grab up the 40% off Walgreens Coupon Code ~ time to knock this cold season on its butt!

Are these only for you?

No, you can even share out any of the coupons to your social media platforms directly from the site.

Sharing is caring and Groupon shares these coupons because they care!

Happy deal hunting!

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Are you a coupon user?  Do you use coupons for tax season?  

I do!


  1. I love using coupons and cashback apps, saves me lots of cash on shopping. Glad you still have Groupon, coz here in Asia Groupon has been axed few months ago.

  2. I have recently fallen in love with Groupon myself, and even used it at the end of last year to score some great Christmas gifts. I haven’t used anything from it to help with taxes, but I also got a great discount on some other services last month through Groupon. They are such a great company!

  3. I love coupons except for groceries. I know they’re valuable but i cut them and end up never using them. Plus, I buy very little processed foods and most of the time that’s what coupons are for. I always search for coupons when shopping online and I never shop at places like Bed Bath and Beyond or Kohls if I don’t have a coupon.

  4. Great post. I’m all ears when ot comes to knowing how to save money and using coupons. I wish there were deals at Whole Foods

  5. I am all about finding the sale. I find my best deals online. I have found some really good deals on group on.

  6. I’ve used Groupon many times, but usually for luxury items. They’re great for dinners and day trips.

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