Have you played around with bidding and auction sites?  Be honest now!  I admit to giving a whirl to various sites and apps (I am an Android lady) and have only recently become “lucky” with actual wins.

Which site gave me this ability?


They claim to be the world’s fastest, most entertaining marketplace with live online auctions every day in a wide variety of categories.  All of their branded items are guaranteed to be authentic; they have an Authenticity Guarantee.

I must say that I agree with this statement.  When I first went and played I won the first four auctions listed below within 30 minutes and this is including the time it took me to set up my account and read up on everything.

(1) Smart Watch (Worth $399 ~ Won for $9)

(2) Smart Band (Worth $199 ~ Won for $9)

(3) Gold Earrings (Worth $34 ~ Won for $2)

(4) 1 oz Troy Gold Stamped with the Titanic (Worth $450 ~ Won for $9)

(5) VR Box (Worth $169 ~ Won for $10)

(6) 18L White Gold Emerald Pendant Necklace & Drop Earrings Set (Worth $600 ~ Won for $9)

(7) Smart Watch (Worth $699 ~ Won for $12)

(8) Bluetooth Wireless Headset (Worth $100 ~ Won for $7)

I have been wanting a smart watch for a while now but balked at the price; I am very excited and can’t wait for them to come in!

Paying for items when won can either be done with a credit / debit card or with PayPal.  When you win an item the site gives you two dates:  Pay by date and Shipping date.

I am completely stunned even as I sit here typing this at how quickly their auctions go!  Their average selling time is 90 seconds, yes, you read that right.

Once you bid on an item the timer starts ticking into three different cycles:  Winning, Going Once and Going Twice.  If at any time someone else chimes in then their name pops up as winning and the bidding is open again.  What I like is that as the bid price goes up the percentage off of ARV goes down to continuously update you on savings.

Just putting the good word out there so, check it out if you want to give it a whirl.

Get a $10 credit to start with ~ as you can see I won almost all my items for under $10!  I started with two separate $10 credits for this opportunity and as you can see I went above the credits because I am in such love with this site, its savings and the items that are being sold!  Some items offer free shipping and others do not so, must be mindful of the budget you set yourself up with.  The only negative point I have with the site is the lack of ability to sort; the site only gives you the option to either choose Live or Upcoming.  I wish there was a way to sort free from paid shipping plus, the search function can only be used to literally search; enter “jewelry” and it gives the database of all the jewelry and not what is currently being bid on.  Just a point of personal contention and obviously not something that is keeping me from the site.

I already received my first item that was shipped within a week.  Once received you receive an e-mail that gives you the ability to do a quick review.  I added shipping and seller actions into my review also.  Very pleased with this site all-in-all especially the variety of items up for bid!

Lots of fun! Lots of savings!

The company is funded by Silicon Valley venture capital firms and is based in Palo Alto with offices in San Francisco and Shanghai.

Tophatter is available on the iPhone and iPad via the App Store and on Android via Google Play.


  1. I never heard of Tophatter until now so I’ll give it a look. I’m not much for buying on the whim and it seems too easy to get hooked because of the good deals. The problem I have is that I’m a minimalist don’t really like to buy just for the sake of buying. That said, there are times of the year, holidays and birthdays, when I’m all about buying so this is why I will check it out.

    1. I am one of those shoppers that buys when I can when I have the funds and saves the item until it is the right time to gift. I do the same with clothes for my kids “Oh look a pair of jeans for $2 in a size you won’t grow into until a few years from now”.

    1. I for one love finding great deals and have been wanting a wireless headset and smart watch for a while now. Glad I found the site 🙂

    1. I didn’t even think I was going to win it ~ I just want “What the heck, no harm in trying” and ended up winning.

    1. I have noticed a few items stated “hot item 2016” ~ most likely constantly clearing shelves. I just won a $800 quad/drone a couple days ago for $20. I watched a few others pop up that were the same exact item that ended up going for $80+. Timing is important I have noted.

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