Wild Side Palettes

Branching out into the make-up realm I was looking for all-in-one palettes that feature the colors I both want and need.

Bring out the wild side in your make-up routine with this 72-color all-in-one make-up palette in a designer zebra and leopard case.  This professionally geared palette features 40 matte eye shadows, 8 shimmer eye shadows, 12 lip glosses, four blushes, four eyebrow powders, four facial powders and three eye shadow brushes.

This palette is geared towards a darker skin tone when compared to the company’s other make-up palettes.  This one has a broader color spectrum with its blushes and eyebrow powders.

The eye shadows are all vibrant and have a great adhesion quality to them even without primer.  The lip glosses are once again not meant to actually color your lips but, they do look glossy at least.  Able to get a lot of great looks and color combinations for any day of the year.

   Too big?  Looking for a smaller one that is more convenient or as a gift?

This pretty-in-pink palette with 33-colors features 24 eye shadows, four lip glosses, two blushes, two eyebrow powders and one facial powder that is perfect for my skin tone which is light.  Two eye shadow brushes also round out this all-in-one palette but, I primarily use them for the eyebrow powders.

The eye shadows are silky and have an almost metallic shine to their color; I can do my eye make-up at 5 AM and it is still going strong and bright when I take it off at around 9 PM. Colors range from bright to earth tones; can get some shocking color combinations with these (lime green is close to neon).

The blushes give a tinge of color; definitely not for those that want a dramatic touch of color to their cheekbones.  The lip glosses while soft and easy to apply, even the darkest color gives hardly a tint of color to my lips.  There are actually four different leather palettes but, they are randomly sent out without the ability to choose which one.  Very convenient in size; perfect design for an on the go lifestyle for many different occasions from casual to wedding.

 Disclosure:  I received these make-up palettes separately and discounted from ECVTop however; this in no way influenced my review but, I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Do you like matte or shimmer eye shadows?

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