Run Baby

Run Baby is a sports product brand sold by Simplistic Products on Amazon.  They have a wide array of items but, all geared towards fitness and making it fun and easy.

Products:  Gym Bags, Sunglasses, Lumbar Support, Water Bottles, Ice Bags and more.

Ab Exercise Mat

I was really interested in their Ab Exercise Mat and so happy I was able to purchase it.  My stomach muscles have been shattered due to my cesarean sections and umbilical hernia surgeries.   I wanted a contoured ab mat for crunches and sit-ups to really target my abdominal.  The mat is perfectly firm and designed to allow me to comfortably perform these.

My eldest son knows he needs to work out a bit more than he doesn’t and complains about sit-ups but, one reason why he has a hard time is that he constantly goes all the way back and rests his head on the floor.  No matter how many times I explain to him that it is more work when you start from flat, he still does and is struggling to even get to 20 sit-ups.

I allowed my son to test out the ab mat and he later stated “I feel like I can do 50 sit-ups!”.

There is a difference between where the mat is placed when in relation to the lumbar; an inch or so away like my son in the video works well with more curved spine (and younger spines LOL) while having it closer to the base works better with crunches I have found.

Able to immediately tell the difference between with and without plus, the wonderful burning sensation of muscles getting worked.

The material likens to mottled cloth vinyl making it so much easier to clean off; my son does get sweaty easily.  What the material is exactly is the one unknown; even the site does not state what it is.  However, as I said, very easy to clean off and can be taken off the internal form; it is closed firmly with a strip of Velcro running along the top of the bottom portion.

Very pleased with this mat and I highly recommend it for many phases and levels of exercise from beginning to expert, this helps and works.

Disclosure:  I received this Ab Exercise Mat discounted however; this in no way influenced my review but, I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Are you a crunches or sit-up person?  Me?  I love crunches!

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