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Massage Oil

Not really caring about my cellulite I was more intrigued in using this as a massaging oil as it is also labeled.

Scent hints at citrus however; not pungent nor cloying. A bit underlying along with the eucalyptus.


Grape Seed Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Oil, and Grapefruit Oil

Yep, that’s it folks; short and simple list of ingredients that are all comprehensible.

While it already has essential oils mixed with carrier oils I wanted to test out other mixes so, I used a Dot-To=Dot 2 oz silicone bottle to keep things separated. Poured some of the oil into my mixer bottle and added a bit more grapefruit essential oil with some peppermint; good complement.

This is strictly a pour as you go bottle but, has a pump separate when shipped for the cellulite/massage oil. I personally like to use pump action bottles with oils so I get the right amount.

Warms up when actual application of the oil to skin and rubbing it into the targeted areas. Dependent on if you use extra essential oils and which ones are used this is great at getting into deep tissue; the mint works wonders plus, helps soothe and relax my mind.

It is oil so, a little does go a long way; the more you pour the more chances of oil transfer onto cloth items there is so it is good to be mindful. I lay down an extra-large beach towel personally; no worries about oil issues then.

Remember though ladies and gentlemen: For external use only to include no swallowing therefore, keep the tasting to a minimum….. If irritation does occur (ahem) ask a doctor.

Perfect accompaniment for a Valentine Gift Basket! 

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