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I am very proud of my kids being avid learners and wanting to branch out into a lot of different subjects from in science and social studies.  This globe from Get Life Basics blends both subjects into an illuminating learning experience.

As it is the globe itself is 13” in circumference and sits 3” above its metallic stand which is covered on the bottom with felt to ensure smooth movement across furniture without any scrapes.  The connecting stainless steel half-circle holder allows the globe to spin freely 360°.  Coloring of the globe is based off topography and lists all the continents, countries, states, capitals and major cities with clarity and, from everything I have noted and checked, is correctly labeled.  Includes all the land boundaries, oceans, lakes and rivers.


My kids have been ecstatic over the globe and have been looking up various answers as they move through the accompanying e-book that features puzzles, pictures and extra tid-bits of information.

The globe also came with a compass which I gifted to my daughter; my sons already had compasses.  Rounding out all the extras are a USB cable and port adapter.

What are those for?

By day, this is a fine globe but, by night, it turns into an illuminating view of the southern and northern constellations.  With built-in LED lights, it displays the stars’ Latin and common names plus, the planets in our own solar system.

My kids squealed with delight and set out to find all their favorites across the plastic surface.

The quality of this globe is exceptional and the learning possibilities make this a win in our book.

What feature would you like to see in a globe?



  1. I had something like that when I was younger but it was a map of the sea with islands and everything, I was fascinated with it when I was a kid. It didn’t have USB support of course, but I still loved it! I bet your kiddos well love theirs too!

    1. I think learning is amazing and am so lucky my kids are always hungry to learn more; this has peaked them even more 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I love maps and I have always had a globe in our study. It was fun spinning it as a child, so I think this is a great tool to have around to show relation and distances.

  3. Oooh this looks amazing and I want one for myself. My step daughter has one “normal” globe in her room and sometimes before going to sleep, we look for different countries we wanted to go to in the future. But this one is really cool!

  4. Wow a light up globe!! That’s very exciting. I think we can all remember seeing our first globe and finding where we were and spinning it around. I though hard about what other features would be nice if displayed and decided the seasons and maybe the sun or moon when it appears on which side.

  5. That is so cool! I wish someone thought of this product when I was still in school, lol. It would have made talking about constellations a lot easier and more interesting. Whoever thought of this is a genius!

    1. I find that technology has come so far since I was young (rotary phone, no remote, etc) and am in awe yet with a tinge of fear of how far it will go.

  6. How neat! I’ve never seen a globe that illuminated the constellations! It’s awesome that it includes both the Latin and the common terms for each of them too!

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