Right before Thanksgiving 2016 I saw this amazing video posting on Facebook about the Sushezi and was so excited about it I shared it to my Facebook page.  A Secret Santa of mine ended up surprising me and bought it.

Easy homemade sushi rolls here I came!

Okay, tons of lessons learned along the way as is notable from my pictures.

Okay, okay, I had a few glasses of wine in me already so, cheers to my adventures!

Basic California Spring Rolls

Cooked rice, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, fake crab strips and seaweed sheets

Lesson learned #1 I normally wash my rice before I cook it to clean off the starch.  Yes, I forgot that I would need the starch to keep it sticky so, my rice ended up being a bit on the loose side.

Step 1:  Place (sticky) rice on the sides of the tube.


Lesson learned #2 Keep the plunger inserted…. I forgot and had finished up filling the tube and locked it up when I realized I had not placed the plunger inside.  Could have been the wine though.

Lesson learned #3 You really don’t need as much as you think within the tube; I over estimated and had to remove some in order to close it.

Step 2:  Line your tasty ingredients inside!  Remember that you want to cut them all in strips, no, not a lesson learned on how to cut; yay me!

Lesson learned #4 Still had one on this step of course which would be the opposite of lesson #3:  Do not be stingy with your ingredients!

Step #3:  Close it up!

Lesson Learned #5 Be mindful of the hinge side; I had locked mine in place and realized afterwards that one of my hinges was undone.  After re-opening and re-aligning the hinges then re-closing, this was the moment I realized that I had forgotten the plunger.  Yeah.

Step #4:  Slowly push the plunger through; align the roll over your seaweed sheet.

Step #5:  Roll it up and cut it into the size you wish; I recommend using a ceramic knife ~ worked wonderfully!

Step #6: Enjoy with the condiments you wish to have!

Even though I had a few (okay, several) lessons learned throughout, they were just that, lessons that I learned along the way to hone my skills and continue to make some tasty sushi rolls, or whatever your pleasure.

Isn’t this contraption amazing?!


    1. Thank you ~ as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. Yes, yes I went there LOL I am really happy I was able to read it!

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