Gross? I think not.

I was challenged to do a blog post on nine things that I deem are gross or that gross me out.  I have to say that, for me, this truly has been challenging for what is gross to one is not to the other.  As I sat down jotting things I realized I was jotting reasons that I found things to not disturb me but, knew these would disturb others.  I admit to having a dark past but, one that is full of life and memories due to where I was and what I was doing at times.  I have always been the one able to sift and dig through things in which others would be puking and retching.  I keep a lot of memories deep down; not forgotten but, just not needing to be brought up in any normal conversation.

With that, I give you my darkness and what could be deemed “gross” AKA, nine things that may make you squirm and think I may belong in a loony bin:

I have eaten kidneys, livers, gizzards, hearts, tongues and dozens of different insects.

I have stopped up sucking and gaping wounds with my fingers.

I have helped scoop dead and bloated bodies from the water.

I have visually identified friends of mine that were deceased.

Remember, it is all in where you are at any particular time and, I can honestly say, my timing may be horrible for my mind but, helpful for others at least.

My daughter had a tendency to projectile vomit so, knowing her timing, I would just hold her in front of me to vomit all over me, go to the bathroom with her, strip in the shower and clean us both off.  So much easier, trust me and without a single heave.

Her twin brother on the other hand had a tendency to leak his poop out and over the top of his diapers, onto my arms.  Oh well, he was a happy boy though and still is.

Snakes and spiders far from gross me out; the poisonous ones I respect but, the rest, I have zero issues with petting them.  Tarantulas tickle if you let them crawl on you and snakes like to go under my hair at the nape of my neck where heat radiates.  I think they are absolutely beautiful.

I remember watching a live open heart transplant when I was four years old, eating a red apple.  Everyone ran from the room to let me watch it too allowing me to learn.  I found it fascinating and still do.  I enjoy watching live surgeries unfold to this day.  Nothing about the human body grosses me out.

My youngest son is taking after me in this area; my twins, definitely not.

That was a quick guide to my nine, leading into only one, yes, one item in this whole world I deem gross.

Mint Jelly…. Yes, mint jelly.  Growing up red meat was not as easily accessible as lamb or mutton and the condiment of choice in all the households due to this was a big pile of mint jelly.  Even typing this I feel my stomach churning and the back of my throat feeling heavy with bile wanting to come up.  Due to this infusion of mint I also cannot stand mint chocolate or ice-cream and am on the fence with gum (my favorite is cinnamon gum); I really have to be in the mood for the gum which I just started to partake in a few years ago after all these long decades of disgust.  Funny thing is, I grow mint in my yard.

Note:  Gross is not in the same boat as disturbing or things that ultimately make me want to hurt something or someone.

Do you get grossed out by anything in particular?


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