Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

When you think of essential oils, what is the first type that comes to mind?  Lavender?  Peppermint?  Lemon?  What about, Cinnamon Leaf?  No, well, neither is mine and I admit to thinking about baking as I type this even.

Cinnamon Leaf essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils.  Cinnamon is widely used in different industries (such as food and pharmaceutical) and is among one of the most popular essentials in the world.  The use of cinnamon dates back to Chinese medicine (2800 BC); Ancient Egyptians would use it in the embalming process for corpses because of it’s aroma.  Medieval physicians would use cinnamon oil to treat coughs, hoarseness, sore throats, and other infections.

It blends well with various other essential oils, so it may be used for aromatherapy preparations.  It enhances the effectiveness of other essential oils and herbs, which would help to speed up the treatment of various herbal remedies.  Because of its warming properties Cinnamon oil can be used in blended massage oils or diluted in the bath.  Cinnamon oil also makes a powerful bug and insect repellent, a great bleach alternative disinfectant for the house and a very effective plant pesticide and mold killer.  It is great as natural disinfectant, odor neutralizer and insect repellent.

Cinnamon oil can…
Boost your brain function.
Improve your blood circulation.
Help with stiffness in your muscles and joints (arthritis).
Help control your blood sugar (for those of you with diabetes).
Treat external and internal infections.
Provide protection against heart disease.
Improve your colon health.
Aid when you’re experiencing indigestion.
Help with cold, flu, congestion, and sore throat symptoms.
Provide relief from menstrual discomfort.
and more…

Personally, I have used cinnamon oil to alleviate sore throats by simply making myself a cup of tea with some honey, a couple drops of lemon oil, then I dip the end of a toothpick inside my bottle of cinnamon oil and then I simply mix it in my cup of tea.  Instantly, my throat feels loads better and the antibacterial properties that are in Cinnamon help kill the bacteria.

Please know that this oil can be very strong. I highly recommend diluting it when using it on your skin or internally.

First Botany’s Cinnamon Leaf oil comes in a 4-oz amber glass bottle with a separate glass dropper; the apical dropper makes the dosage simple and easy for the user and prevents leaking or dripping.

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If you do not have Cinnamon oil yet, I recommend you add it to your collection!

What would you use cinnamon leaf essential oil in or for?


  1. Thank-you so much for such a great post. I had no idea cinnamon oil even existed .. much less all of the great things it could do.

    1. I admit that I also did not know most of my regular kitchen herbs were have been made into essential oils (even basil). I have really learned a lot about them this past year and am going to continue to do so. Thank you too 🙂

    1. It smells exactly like cinnamon too ~ great if you just want to get a pot boiling and add a few drops with some dried apples; house smells like the holidays 🙂

    1. It is amazing how many essential oils there are out there; I am working my way through them a bit at a time. Love it!

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