My Word Of The Year

While I have many goals and ideas for 2017 and beyond I wanted to harness all of these thoughts into one powerful word for my year.


The definition of create is to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

To me it takes on a more defined meaning.  My number one family-oriented goal this year is “To Create More Outdoor Adventures With My Kids”.  Simple in statement but, the achieving part is far more difficult.  Time is definitely not on my side when it comes to this.  This was my goal for 2016 also.  While I was able to do a few adventures with my kids in 2016 it became quickly impossible for me to continue and had to scale back due to medical reasons.

Take the big goal and create separate steps to make it achievable:

(1) Organization = Create The Time
I bought a planner for blogging that also included monthly and weekly goals.  I also have a calendar for home and kids’ schedules on the refrigerator.  Aligning everything with my two work schedules and my kids’ school schedule is also included.
(2) Health & Wellness = Create The Ability
I am scheduled to have surgery in March after which healing will take a few months to even get back to being able to do one quarter of the things I currently do.
This was the one major bump in the road; I was supposed to have surgery 4 January but, the medical staff had not done any of the paperwork.  Good thing I called them two weeks prior… Yes, not happy about this but, I took it as a silver lining and moved it to March, the next time my kids were out of school.

What to do now?

While I can and will create more outdoor adventures with my kids they are definitely going to be less strenuous and not as grandiose as I had first imagined.

Just remember that whatever you create, no matter how small or big, just create it.  I want to create memories.  I want to create fun childhood moments for my kids.  I want to create a life worth learning more in.  I want to create a healthier me.  I want to create a healthier lifestyle for my kids.  I want to create goals and achieve them.  I want to create a life I am happy in.

The only reason to make goals is to reach them.  Great things happen in steps.

Is your next step big?  or  Is your next step to simplify?


  1. I love this word of the year… there’s nothing better than ‘Create’ it’s what gets new things out there in the world and makes the best YOU possible : )

  2. Create is a wonderfully powerful word. You can create time that is needed as you stated, or you can create well being, happiness, peace, and so many other things. I like this word create. It instills everything positive for a new year.

  3. My dad gave me very important tips for a good life… Health=Happiness. Always pay yourself first (you being just as important as a bill), do what you have to today so you can do what you want to tomorrow and you only have two things someone cannot TAKE away… your word and your credit. lol So although life takes twists and turns you always keep what is important in your heart, soul and mind. I wish you and your family a very outdoorsy 2017!!

    1. I love it ~ thank you so much for this! It is very true in that Health = Happiness. Wishing you and your family a very creative 2017 🙂

  4. I love your word!! There is so much that can happen with that word and I can easily see on a tough day, going back to the word “create” and having it re focus you and get you set back on a path that you are needing/wanting. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I have been seeing so many other people with powerful words for their years. I am truly hoping we all achieve them and become a force to be reckoned with 😉 Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you! I am cautiously optimistic (I say that a lot at work too LOL) and am working towards everything in steps. I would settle for a decent year though 😉

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