What Is My Why?

Why is such a relative term and question plus, extremely broad.

The question alone makes my mind run like a high processing computer.

Let’s start with “My Why For Blogging”:

I am extremely analytical and tend to mentally dissect things that are happening around me fairly quickly.  I use logic a lot and lean towards being OCD on several levels.  Which is one of the reasons why I started to blog.

All my given days I have wishes, dreams, ideas and thoughts running rampant through my brain.  To say I am in over my head being a single mom with three kids, two dogs, a cat, a full-time job and a part-time job would be making light of it.  With a smattering of insomnia folded in, it makes for one heck of a cupcake.

I needed a place to bring everything together.  I needed a way to focus.  I needed a way to vent.

I wanted to share my wishes, dreams, ideas and thoughts.

Blogging has allowed me to share my passions in life with others and not just storing them in my mind (or singularly on Pinterest).

Does it add more to my daily to-do list?  Absolutely but, it gives me the outlet I needed.

Being able to do this has helped me immensely; I feel connected and a part of something.

The end-all of my “Why” to “What I Do” though is this:

Everything I do is for my kids and I will do anything and everything I can possibly do to help keep us afloat.

Blogging and reviewing has opened the door for us to achieve bigger goals and am truly looking forward and seeing where it may lead.

What is your passion?  What is your why?



  1. I always love reading your blog posts. I dinnertime wish I was more analytical in my thinking and writing, as in always all over the place. Lol. Thanks for sharing Michelle!

    1. My thinking is all over the place too but, just in computer mode LOL Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year! Cheers!

  2. I love this! I am analytical as well. I over think things constantly and blogging helps me put things into perspective as well as open myself to other’s views. Its a scary thing to put ourselves out for others to judge. Keep on blogging as you are doing it right!

    1. That means a lot coming from you sweet lady 😀 I love writing about life in general and while the deadlines may be stressful, when it boils down to it, it truly is cleansing 😉

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