My Pondering of 2016

I know most of my friends and followers on various social media can attest to 2016 not being up to par with how we were hoping.

The year 2016 in review for me started with the love of my life dying from self-induced alcohol liver failure, I have been chocked full of personal medical issues, my kids trying every level of patience known to man, my daughter moving out to be with her father, a brief relationship with a man who ended up not being able to handle any sort of stress, stopping the sale of my mobile home due to my medical issues, my neighbor having a rat infestation which kept me on my toes, bills up to my ying-yang to include braces for my eldest son, my computer breaking beyond repair and all my hard work I put into every single review lost, the cost of a new computer was another tough pill to swallow, medical coverage lessening every year but, cost of it skyrocketing, and my income to cover bills being less due to increase of costs and taxes.

I could go on but, I digress and want to focus on December.

My year is actually ending on high notes due to so many positives that have happened this month.

I was able to start a part-time job that allows my kids to help out; teaches them responsibility and they get to earn if they help out.  Yes, now I have a part-time job on top of my full-time job.  I had to come up with something to help me cover my surgery costs unfortunately; very happy and feeling blessed to have it.

This last week has been spent with all my kids and that means I had them the whole Christmas Day; it had been four years because, I am nice let’s just say.  All year I had been focusing my reviewing on items that would be perfect for my kids and was able to provide them some amazing gifts this year thanks to so many awesome sellers that worked with me.  My kids also got to see people be kind and very giving this year towards us; I ended up receiving some surprise gifts for me from a couple Secret Santas and Elves this year.

Best Christmas EVER for all of us.

Another area I delved into this month was Sweepstakes and Giveaways; I ended up winning several prizes.

$50 American Express Gift Card, a jar of peach preserves, two tubs of butter flavored coconut oil, cleaning products, baking gift pack, no-bake cheesecake packs, cat treats, two tubs of sunflower butter (likens to peanut butter), two different beauty product lines (separate giveaways), a purse, $25 Honeybaked Ham Gift Card and $25 in PayPal cash.

As I always tell my kids; “Every little bit counts!”.  Everything has been so helpful and I have been very grateful.  The hard work put into Sweepstakes and Giveaways can pay off if you put the time and effort into them in my opinion.

~ 2017 ~

I am not one to make “resolutions” and I work better with goals and keeping them in mind as I trudge through my life.

My goal for myself heading into 2017 is to spend more quality time with my kids; hard when working two jobs I know but, I shall overcome this obstacle.  To help make this achievable, another goal I have is to become better organized and setting time limits and spots for the various social media platforms I use and update.  Once this has been achieved and I am comfortable with how it all pans out, I want to move back into making homemade products in the hopes to start selling in 2018.

Big goals and I feel these will help reduce the stress and anxiety I have every day.

How was your 2016?

Do you do resolutions or goals?

What are you wanting to achieve in 2017?




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