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I admit that my quickly aging facial skin has put some stress into my life which causes more harm than any good.  I had kids later than any of my friends which means my kids look at me with sadness in their eyes as they watch my silver hairs and wrinkles become more prominent every year.  They admit to being afraid of me aging; they don’t want to lose me per se.  Bitter sweet I know so, I ensure I try and take care of my hair and skin as best I can but, the only way to reverse the signs of aging is Botox and I am not going to be doing that any time soon.

Or is it?

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D’OR has a beauty product line called 24K which curtails to those of us with mature skin, giving results without having to spend a fortune on any types of surgery.

I know, too good to be true, right?  I have used “lifting” beauty products before with some weird after effects (a blog post for another day) and admit to being skeptical going into this.

D’ORs 24K Instant Eye Lift comes in a syringe filled with 15ml of their serum.  The syringe is hefty and a good size to ensure the proper amount is used vice the tubes in which too much comes out and no stopping mechanism involved.  The syringe is quite innovative in my opinion; rubber stopper on top ensures the serum does not dry out when not in use and the locking tab is smooth to twist to the left and push the serum out.  Dispenses the right amount each time.

Ingredients:  Sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate are the two main ingredients that work to tighten your skin and lift wrinkles while absorbing excess facial oil.  The use of green tea as an ingredient, which not only reduces wrinkles, it also helps prevent sun damage, tones skin and works on my other skin problems such as psoriasis or rosacea.

Application is up to you:  What are your target areas?


I have deep lines at the corners of my mouth which was the first place I used the serum.

The timeline is 60 seconds but, I can see immediate smoothing within 15 seconds.

Note:  If it dries and you see white, you applied it too thickly to that area.  Smooth it out to thin it.

Next up?  Eye area in which I look like the walking dead if I don’t highlight and use eye shadow.

Notable differences between before and after; even my emotionally distraught tween daughter had positive comments on this one.

Remember that a little goes a long way with most beauty products and the same goes with D’OR Instant Eye Lift.  Once it has dried on you can use any powdered beauty products afterwards to finish up your look.  Note I said dry; adding a moisture-based product can change the effects of the lifting.

Conclusion:  D’OR’s 24K Instant 60 Second Non-Surgical Eye Lift product is effective and gave me results I can rely on without plastic surgery.

From their daily use, eye care and anti-aging products to their collagen collection, Gold Facial Masks and more, D’OR 24K has all your skin care needs covered.

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What are your target areas?


    1. I was astounded by being able to visibly see immediate results honestly; my daughter was in the bathroom with me when I was applying it one morning and she was amazed too. Feel free to share the links and codes 😀 Thank you!

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