Sole Patches

Are you ready to dance the night away?

Are you dreading of dancing the night away?

Heels!  Boots! Wedges!  Platforms!

You know you have a pair of super cute but, uncomfortable shoes!  I do!

I have been there many times (cough, ahem, for the past few decades) and have smiled through the discomfort of my aching and sore feet.  Dare I say, “The walk of shame”?

Let your fashionista side shine into the New Year with comfort!

How can you wear your favorite shoes all day, painlessly?  With Sole Patches!  Sole Patches are moisture and odor repelling, antimicrobial, shock-absorbent, flower-shaped cushions that can be used in multiple ways to help you throughout your day.  The cushion is made of Poron by Rogers Corporation; Poron is very soft and easily compressed for use where flexibility is a key requirement.

I have a full-time job and a part-time job, three very active kids, two hyper dogs and a cranky cat (feels like I am singing the 12-Days of Christmas) plus, I exercise regularly.  Needless to say I change shoes throughout my day like I have OCD but, I don’t.  I do have a lot of pain in my feet though from wearing some (okay, most) of my work shoes for my full-time job.  Super cute (in my opinion) but, uncomfortable on the ball of my feet where all my weight goes and the shock from having to walk around to different buildings everyday and taking the stairs in each one too.  I really need a step tracker!

Each box contains six adhesive pads (the cushions) and each cushion is 2 1/2″ (6 1/2 cm) in diameter and 1/8″ in thickness.  Can be adhered to the ball of your foot, your heel, directly to your shoe, any place that is the point of painful contention really.  Ensure your foot is clean and dry is adhering to it vice your shoe, remove adhesive backing and apply.  The adhesive is medical-grade, durable and can withstand up to 24 hours of wear.  Yes!  24 hours!  That means you can use them multiple times for multiple pairs of shoes!

These have been amazing!  Quite a noticeable difference from days past when by the end of the day I have my shoes off when sitting at my desk.  These are still breathable and haven’t had any issues with extra sweating and the bonus is that my feet aren’t aching nor throbbing after a long day’s work.  What I also like about these is that they prevent my feet from sliding forward in my taller heels.  Even at 2 1/2″ in diameter they are still discreet enough but, if you have tiny feet and want them smaller you can easily snip them to size.

On a side note, at least for me, these tickle so much when I remove them from my feet!!!

Get yours today to start your day off on the right foot and then boogie on through the night!

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