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Around a month ago I was given the opportunity to advertise for A Touch of Dazzle their line of meaningful jewelry and, as a special thank you, a discount code for all my readers.  As a special thank you to me though they not only sent me a jewelry piece I chose for my daughter but, added one for me too.  All I can say is the jewelry looks even more beautiful in person and their motto that is emblazoned on the inside of every box very touching (more on that in a bit).

My daughter and I both are allergic to impure alloys when it comes to jewelry; I even break out in a very itchy rash if my belt buckles touch my stomach.  They are more aligned with blisters than your basic rash; fun, huh?  A Touch of Dazzle’s jewelry is plated perfectly with either 14 k gold, 18 k gold or are silver-toned rhodium plated.  All of A Touch of Dazzle jewelry undergoes extensive product safety testing for nickel, lead and cadmium.  The company stands by their products and give you their “Ultimate Guarantee”.

My daughter’s earrings are double-hearts colored with enamel and in-laid with a pink-colored crystal.  Perfectly lays on her ears without being too heavy nor too small; like Goldilocks, “just right”.  While she does have the pink earrings they also sell a purple pair with a pink-colored crystal as well.  She fell in love with her earrings as soon as she opened the special box these came in.

As I stated earlier, the inside of the boxes are emblazoned with their touching motto:


The earrings that came in for me, unfortunately, are sold out on both Amazon and their home site but, never fear, for they have many other pieces to be able to choose from to include double-enameled hearts and crystals in many other colors to include teal, purple, red and pink.  All the crystals are meant to last and are placed in the earrings to ensure they do not fall out.

Still looking for something special and meaningful for your loved ones?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner; don’t procrastinate and get loved ones a present that expresses happiness and love.

A Touch of Dazzle provides beautiful jewelry that expresses precious moments of happiness for Moms, daughters, friends, and everyone in between. Find all of their amazing products using the button below. My Readers save 15% by using my discount code: KARMAS15

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From necklaces to earrings and whole jewelry kits A Touch of Dazzle covers all the special moments in your life.


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Disclosure:  While I did receive this jewelry for free this in no way influenced my review and I chose to write this under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.  This post may contain affiliate links and, if clicked, I may receive compensation.

From their store, which piece of jewelry would you choose & who would you gift it to?


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