Queen Victoria

Victoria By Daisy Goodwin

I am a big fan of two main categories this book falls under:  (1) Historical Fiction (2) The Royal Family.  This book follows the young Queen Victoria from when she has the Country and all its people thrust upon her shoulders one month after her 18th birthday to four years into her regency.  The story line is based off of Queen Victoria’s diaries and also follows the TV series, Victoria; both of which were written by Daisy Goodwin.  The turmoils of her new burden of power is what makes others, to include those near and dear to her, show their true colors.  She must decide who she can trust to take her seriously while she tries to restore order and reputation tarnished by her uncles, the past monarchs.

Through all the turmoil the young Queen must go through, her trusted governess, Lehzen, is my number one favorite character in the book.  With this being roughly the first four years you will read about the Queen learning to become an adult from having lived a very sheltered life so, at times, she is a bit on the annoying side with her manners as all “teenagers” are.  The story line has the normal love story which, if you know your history, was a given.

A good read all-in-all with hardly any grammatical errors; no harking on my writing please as I am not an author nor do I have a publishing agent.  Was easy to leap right into her writing and follow along with ease; very engaging and hooked me right into wanting to watch her mini-series next.  Perfect novel to gift for those in your life who love to read and are avid fans such as I of historical fiction and / or the Royal Family.  Enjoy!


I received this book for free from SheSpeaks as part of a pre-launch campaign however, all opinions are my own.

Can buy at Amazon or Barnes & Nobles

Do you enjoy reading Historical Fiction?


  1. Yes, I enjoy reading accurate, researched historical fiction. I’ve actually just purchased this book and I look forward to reading it before the series starts on PBS.

  2. Oooh! This book sounds so good. I too love historical fiction especially about women. Fascinating to see how the role of women has changed through the years.

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