Foam Face Wash

** Kid Safe **

I was honestly getting tired of buying $10 or more face wash for my kids every other week.  I played around with liquid face soap for a while but, geared my efforts towards making a fun, kid-friendly foaming face wash.  The foam lasts longer than a liquid one I quickly found out also.  My three kids have had zero issues with this face soap to include eye irritation.  I have been making and them using this for over a year now.  Measurements are based off of using an 8 1/2 oz bottle.

Chamomile Facial Soap

1/2 Cup Castile Soap

1/2 Cup Chamomile Tea (can use green tea or black tea if you want but, less benefits)

1 1/2 tsp Grapeseed OilSweet Almond Oil OR olive oil

12 drops Vitamin E Oil Vitamin E Oil

16 drops essential oil (optional ~ I personally do not use but, up to you)

Step 1:  Brew the tea strong and set aside to cool.

Step 2:  Pour the contents into your Foam Bottle Dispensers.

Adult / Non-Sensitive Version:

Add a dropper of Jojoba Oil and/or Frankincense Oil

Stock up on all the right ingredients today and start making your own:

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Do you have any sensitivities to any of the products in my foam facial soaps?


    1. What I like about the foam recipe is one pump and it gives my kids and I the perfect amount; my kids have zero measuring skills LOL

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