#FriendsGiving With Creo


I was honored to be selected to host a Friendsgiving party with the kitchen product line, Creo , taking center stage; bake-ware and food storage containers to be precise.  My boys and I chose to do a vegetarian themed evening due to all of the heavily laden potlucks being hosted elsewhere all the way up to, and to include, Thanksgiving.  With the three baking dishes we chose deviled eggs, bread pudding and lasagna; we use eggplant as the pasta.



Let’s delve into these baking dishes and talk about what makes these so unique and on-par with high-end kitchenware.  One word = Smartglass.  They start with the strongest glass available, then temper it to be more resistant to temperature change; this glass is called borosilicate glass and if you would like to learn more you can head over to my Serafino blog entry where I explain it.  Smartglass can go up to 450°F versus most other pieces at 350°F; this bake-ware has the ability to go from oven to table to freezer due to this.  Then apply a double ceramic exterior; comes in glue, orange, gray and green.  While I was given the opportunity to dabble with their baking dishes they also have nesting bowls, casserole dishes, pie pans and loaf pans made from the same material in the same design.



How did these handle being cooked in?  These are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe so we shall see.  Well, with lasagna and bread pudding both it normally takes a bit of extra time to cook them middle when using baking dishes but, everything I have cooked in this bake-ware has noticeably cooked through more efficiently and quicker all-in-all.  I ended up baking my goods a bit longer than they should have due to this reason; was not looking forward to cleaning these up due to that point.



Or was I?  Knowing glass surfaces clean off easier than most other materials I was curious I must admit and so were all my guests.  After dinner was finished and leftovers packaged into Creo’s BPA-free collapsible silicone containers (more on these in a bit) we sent all three baking dishes to the sink filling each one up with COLD water and soap.  While they did a quick 30-minute soak we played Jenga XL; it is such a fun game no matter your size or age.


Results:  Anything and everything melted off right onto the sponge I ran through everything with.  No one single stain, scratch or chip; they looked brand spanking new!  I have used them for many dishes since I received them to include many sticky and caked on dishes; a soak and everything clears off.  I absolutely love how much time I have saved with these dishes alone.  Seriously impressed and so was everyone else.


As for the slew of food storage sizes that Creo created; I find them as versatile as their baking dishes.  Great for storing all types of food; microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe too.  Huge temperature variances from -40°F to 446°F.  These are silicone and able to collapse flat for easier storage; less space taken up.  The leads seal everything in and I don’t have to worry about spilled soups anymore for work lunches; airtight silicone gaskets.

Everything from Creo stands out as above and beyond a revolutionary product for your household.  Can bring any dish to the forefront quicker, with style and leaving you with memories that last.

Would Creo fit into your kitchen and cooking?  Which attributes stood out?


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