30 oz Tumbler

Was looking for a larger coffee cup for work and while this tumbler by Tempo fits the bill for size I found the cons outweighed the use of it for hot drinks but, has many positive attributes for cold drinks.


Features ~ Pros:

1) It comes with a shoulder strap which can be adjusted to your height as well.

2) The should strap can be unclipped from the mesh bag for convenience as well.

3) The mesh bag can be tightened with a convenient drawstring with locking mechanism.

4) The tumbler is heavy, and it is made of THICK, double-walled stainless steel.

5) Your ice will stay in the cup a long time, like over 12 hours if it’s cool inside.

6) The stainless steel is brushed so that fingerprints won’t show easily and the cup will stay looking clean.

7) The lid is made of thick, durable plastic and fits tightly with a rubber band around the inside. Nothing is leaking out of here!

This tumbler does a great job of insulating and retaining temperature. When full of ice-water, there is no condensation. It feels only slightly cold to the touch which tells me it’s the vacuum chamber is doing a good job.  Same goes the opposite way for hot beverages in which the outside is not even warm to the touch yes, the contents are kept hot three times as long when in comparison to my current plastic coffee cup.

Features ~ Cons:

(1) The lid design.

It rotates clock-wise and counter-clockwise to open and close. Functionally that seems OK at first, but anything you drink gets trapped between the 2 layers. Things like soda or coffee are likely to stain or mildew. It’s not that easy to clean the lid either. A quick replacement to a sliding lid will fix that problem or just continuously use stainless steel straws which I do not use to drink hot coffee with.

I like to have a cup with a handle for in the car and at work, but when I am out and about walking around, like on a hike or just anywhere where my hands can’t stay busy holding a cup, I really will come to appreciate this should strap carrier feature. With that said, that is why I purchased a separate handle to use with this.


Disclosure:  I received this 30 oz Tumbler from Tempo-Ware discounted however; this in no way influenced my review but, I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.  This post may contain affiliate links and, if clicked, I may receive compensation.

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