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These detangling brushes by Purest Naturals should be changed to the “Miracle Brush”!   My daughter has thick, frizzy, curly and all around crazy hair which has been difficult getting her to take care of it by herself to keep it healthy.   This brush has literally been a life saver with her hair!  We have gone through the whole “Ouch” “That hurts” every time in the past I would attempt to brush her hair; dramatic, I know it was a huge ordeal and listening to her made it sound like I was torturing her!  When she was two I got fed up and cut her hair into a cute pixie cut to not deal with brushing it at that age but, at almost 11 now she still has many issues with being able to take care of it.

The bristles are rubber, and do not hurt her scalp at all, in fact she thinks they feel good. You get two brushes which is a great deal for the price.  I kind of wish the handle was a little longer for my hands but, it is the perfect length for my daughter’s hands.  How we have added this brush to her hair care routine has resulted in a 180° change with her hair health and her ability to care for it herself.  After she puts conditioner in her hair she uses one of the brushes to run it through resulting in an easy detangling of all the knots in her hair.  After her shower and drying off her hair she uses the other brush in her room after applying an Argan Oil Hair Mask by Art Naturals.  The argan oil comes in a generous sized tub of luscious smelling argan oil.  I highly recommend using these types of detangling brushes for those with hair that tangles easily.

artnaturals-hair-mask-detangling-brush-1 artnaturals-hair-mask-detangling-brush-2

As you can see the transformation for yourself from my daughter’s before and after pictures.  Her hair not only feels softer and healthier but, visually looks healthier and silky smooth.  We love how it makes our hair feel so much healthier and softer.   When her hair dries now the curls seal in and does not frizz out.

Disclosure:  I received the detangling brushes and hair mask discounted however; this in no way influenced my review but, I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.  This post may contain affiliate links and, if clicked, I may receive compensation.

Have you ever had to cut hair just to get it untangled?

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