Tyrannosaurus Rex Inflatable Costume

Tyrannosaurus Rex  By Ruby’s Costume Co

A bit of background on my youngest son first.  My seven-year-old son, David, is adamant about becoming a paleontologist when he gets older and has been so for the last few years.  He reads books and books about dinosaurs.  He asks me to google different ones so he can read about them.  He is known as “The Dinosaur Boy” at school too, to include the local Middle Schools.  Yes, he is well known.  I remind him to “walk like a boy” several times a day when we are out and about; he walks around like a Therapod.


I knew there was adult Tyrannosaurus Rex inflatable costumes and went looking for a child’s size one around a month before Halloween this year.  Good thing I did because while it was sold out, it was going to be back in stock seven days before Halloween.  It came in the mail just in time for the Fall Festival at their school! I had read from other reviews that even though this was deemed to be sized up to an eight-year-old the actual facial “hood” was too small for ages six and up plus, none of the kids could see out of it due to the super small opening from the elastic.


The reviews were spot-on!  My seven-year-old could not fit his nugget head through the initial opening due to the external opening with the draw string.  I removed the draw string and cut tiny slits every 3” the whole circumference of the external opening; be mindful not to cut all the way down and sever the seam!  Height-wise was perfect for my seven-year-old who is slightly tall for his age group but, he is also on the slight and slender side too.  Zip open, slip feet in, shimmy up, place hands through arm-holes, install battery pack by hooking the belt clip on the back of their shorts/pants/pocket (whatever they are wearing), turn on and then zip up.

The costume came with an instruction manual on how to install the fan unit but, mine came already pre-installed which was awesome!  Battery pack is easy to open with a medium Phillip’s screwdriver; need four AA batteries.  I used batteries I bought at the dollar store so, the result is due to this fact but, lasted well enough. Instantly starts blowing air in to quickly inflate it; quickly when realizing how small the unit is so, not bad.  Same four batteries lasted a total of 2 solid hours the first time wearing and then 2 solid hours the second time wearing it on Halloween.  The fan was still blowing but, slowly two hours into Halloween and trick-or-treating so, his costume was noticeably starting to deflate.  He was getting slightly hot in it though so I just took it off him and he went the rest of the evening with my colorful wig on without a care in the world.

Highly recommend this costume; it is an instant hit!  Numerous people were asking for selfies with him and drive-by picture taking was the norm as he skipped down the sidewalk.  Even if he grows a couple more inches he will still be able to wear this next year and if not; I will adjust to ensure it happens.  There are several seller’s on Amazon that carry it at varying costs and shipping; this product is normally in and out of availability so, keep checking on it.

What were your kids or fur babies for Halloween this year?

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