Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

    Ahhh, the smell of crisp Autumn air.  The crunch of leaves under feet.  The start of fires in fireplaces.  Pumpkins, squashes and hay stacks galore!  That to me is the epitome of Fall / Autumn however, here in “Sunny” San Diego we have our apple and pear picking and harvesting that start in August and many more weeks of 90+° very dry and, occasionally, windy weather.  We had our first low 70°F weather day yesterday, November 1st, and I wore a sweater and Uggs (okay,Muggs).

So far the month has been particularly hectic I must say.  Today my youngest son came home from school with lice.  That story and how to naturally get rid of them you can head over to my DIY beauty products page for the hair part and my DIY cleaning products page for how I spray everything down.  I take zero chances for it to spread.  The rest of my month outside of work is filled with award ceremonies for my kids (different days of course), their school field trips, flu shot appointments, dental appointments, football practice, football games and, of course, there is Thanksgiving thrown in there some time.

Heading into the holidays we always envision days spent with family, making memories, laughing and just enjoying life.  Let’s face it though, the holidays are STRESSFUL no matter how good our intentions are, no matter how exact our itineraries are, we feel like the world is on our shoulders to get it done.  At least that’s how I feel.

     What’s going on in the reviewing world?  Well, as of 3 October 2016 Amazon changed their TOS in such a mind-blowing way most of us have steered clear of reviewing on Amazon any discounted items we received from them via Amazon promotion codes to reviewing on social media platforms.  So far so good in my world on this.  Learning things every single day.  Signing up here and there to boost my social reach.  The more “followers” I have the better chance I have of being able to continue doing what I truly enjoy doing:  Testing products for both pros and cons then writing about it.

What can you do?  Well, engaging with me on any platform would be amazing; Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, here on my blog.  This helps me understand what your interests are and if I need to be doing anything new and different.  I love constructive criticism and feedback!

How can you help you?  Head over to my sweepstakes page and checkout the listing there plus, I have giveaways going on there from fellow bloggers.

     Sweepstakes and giveaways are so much fun! Time consuming?  Absolutely!  Worth it?  Absolutely!  This week alone I won a $100 Target Gift Card and a box of Bob’s Red Mill products I won just came in the mail today!

Keep doing those surveys and cash in NOW to get your gift cards and checks to help with the holidays.   If you haven’t started on surveys though, head over to my surveys page, sign up, and start saving up those points and cash you WILL earn to prepare for the holiday’s next year!

More to follow as the month progresses and we head into my favorite time of the year!  Check out the toys and other awesome products I am helping test out this month ~ my kids are going to be so surprised!

If you celebrate(ed) Halloween what was everyone and/or what was your favorite costume you saw?

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