Baby Car Seat Travel Bag

Car Seat Travel Saver Bag By Glogex

Times sure have changed since my twins were babies and quite a lot of innovative products have come along in the interim.  One being a bag specifically designed for car seats making them easier to transport, carry and travel with.  Open it up, place the car seat on top, the sides of the bag slide right over and all the way up a folded car seat with ease.  Draw strings slip shut tightly letting in only a pin-hole of an opening.

The car seat travel saver bag by Glogex is HUGE and is designed to be very durable; material is a thick polyester that is also water-resistant.  Remember, water-resistant is different than water-proof; designed to withstand a mist to some rain but, it will get saturated eventually.  The inside of the material is what is noticeably coated to be water-resistant; shiny and smooth.

The brightly colored turquoise bag fits most of the major branded car seats:  Chico, Eddie Bauer, Evenflo, Britax, etc.  If you have the extra stuff like the base, it is not going to fit in the bag.  The car seat bag actually comes in a travel bag itself so, you can either use a two-bag travel system or use it to actually store the car seat bag back into it.  It tried to put it back in and it looked like a Pinterest fail moment.  Me, personally, the more travel bags and storage ability the better also, this is able to hold a couple booster seats easily plus have room to spare.


Height ~ 32″

Width ~ 32″

Bottom ~ 17″ x 17″

As you can see the bag tapers towards the base.

There are four points of this travel save bag that put it a bit over its competitors in my opinion:

(1) Identification window seals to ensure your information stays safely in place.

(2) Handle on the front gives you another option to safely carry and be transported hither and tither between places.

(3) The adjustable backpack straps have adjustable padded areas so the weight of the car seat doesn’t cut into my shoulder blades.

(4) The bottom of the bag is padded thickly to keep your seat safe from extra bangs and bumps.

Keeps my hands free and able to do things I need to do along with being able to safely do so because, let’s face it, car seats, while necessary, are bulky, awkward, heavy and all-in-all a pain!  So far so good on the durability front also, seams have not been stressed or stretched and there are no tears to be seen.  Definitely going to get a minimum of two years needed for this out of the Glogex car seat travel saver bag! Disclosure: I received this car seat travel saver bag discounted however; this in no way influenced my review. I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.


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