LED Tailgate Strip Bar

LED Tailgate Strip Bar & Y-Splitter By Stop Alert

I occasionally borrow a neighbor’s trailer and wanted to do a give-back plus, do an upgrade to my lighting for it.  A bonus on this is that it came with a pre-wired trailer hitch plug and a spare wire.

What are those used for you ask?

Hitch Plug = Stopping, Running Light, and/or Signaling

Spare Wire ~ Yellow = Reversing and Backing Up

Installation is really easy as it attaches to what I liken to 3M super tape.  One thing to note about the type of glue/tape may not last that long in desert-like conditions which we get a lot of here in Southern California.  Becomes hard, dry, and brittle quicker.  But, just like with everything else in life remember to perform preventative and corrective maintenance and it should last longer (just check it occasionally).

In order to get all that this touts you must hardwire it into the trailer hitch however, the lack of instructions that detail this and even pertain to this product are zip, zero, zilch.  Recommend finding either diagrams for your particular make/model of your vehicle’s trailer hitch or YouTube it; I have found many useful tutorials on various projects I have done.

You are going to need a Y-Splitter for the LED bar which Stop-Alert also supports.  Why?  This way you don’t have to unhook the LED strip light to plug in your trailer.  The Y-Splitter has 1-male flat 4-pin connect and 2-female flat 4-pin connectors; take note of your current trailer connectors as some have 6 to 7 pins so, you will need to buy a separate adapter if you choose to go with this 4-pin.  It is a total of 18″ in length; quite long and able to get to where you need it to go.  Once connected everything seems to be sealed and I did test everything out by hand washing everything.  Not really in an area which my truck is going to be submerged unless a tsunami of massive proportions hit but, I do live in an area of sea water and sand is in the air a lot.  Nothing stopped working so, that’s always positive!

After a lot of cursing and thanking the Lord I have a voltmeter and know how to use it plus, how to wire electronics I got everything to work.  Just like many things in life a bit of elbow grease, hard work, dedication, will-power, and patience (AKA taking some anxiety medication LOL) makes it all worth it.

My neighbor and I are very pleased in the end with how it all came together but, would be hard put to want to go through that again though.

I received both items discounted for testing purposes on how it would work with my 2013 Honda Ridgeline and be able to still use the LED light bar while I was towing.

Do you go camping?  Where?

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