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Hip & Joint Supplements For Dogs By Uber AURA

Even though I know my dogs are dogs, they are still a part of my family and besides, I think it is right to treat all things with respect.  If you are having joint issues what would you do about it?  If you knew you have a high chance of having hip and/or joint issues in the future would you take preventative measures?

You bet you would!

The main active ingredient is Glucosamine HCI which they derived from Shellfish coming in at 800mg; the treats do not smell fishy at least.  MSM and Bovine come in 400mg each then Vitamin C with 100mg.  Now, the thing to realize is that these numbers are PER treat BUT, that takes on a different element due to the size of your dog AND the needs of your dog.
Dog Weight                     First 4-6 Weeks                 Maintenance
Less than 25 pounds        1/2 tablet daily                1/2 every other day
25 – 60 pounds                1 daily                              1/2 to 1 daily
60 – 80 pounds                2 daily                              1 to 2 daily
Over 80 pounds               3 daily                              2 daily

Inactive Ingredients:  Liver, Stearic Acid, Sweet Dairy Whey, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Beef Liver Flavor.

With a couple of the ingredients (namely shellfish really) your dog may not be able to take these if they have known allergies, a history of urinary tract stones, clotting disorders, or on other medications.

On another safety note the label also specifically states that they are not safe for pregnant dogs or dogs in heat.
The one major downer for me was the fact that the label states “chewable” treats so, I envisioned a bit of a softer, more meaty treat.  These are hard tablets that liken to our Vitamin C tablets in size and texture so, if your dog has dental issues or just lacking teeth then, these are not the supplements for you either.

I am lucky that neither of my dogs have neither allergy nor dental issues and took to these right away.  Seen as both of my dogs are under 25 pounds and I am using these are more precautionary measures I half one tablet between them every other day in the evening along with an actual meaty treat.  Doing it this way I will go through one bottle every 180 days seen as there is 90 tablets per bottle.  They took to these right away and for that I am very happy; not side effects noted throughout the timeframe they have taken them so far. Disclosure: I received this dog booster seat discounted however; this in no way influenced my review. I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

What type of dogs do you own & how old are they?

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