50′ Expandable Hose

50′ Expandable Hose By The Hose Company

Picture this:  Water line and outlet to my mobile home is in my carport which is on the whole other side and roughly 50’ away from any dirt let alone soil.  I have a 100’ hose running from the outlet to my hose reel out front in my yard and I have a 75’ hose running around the back to the side of my house where the rest of my yard is.

With all that is going on I have a 4-way hose splitter on my outlet.  How does a 50’ expandable hose fit this?  Strictly for my carport and to clean my truck!  Okay, for my kids to clean my truck!

Expandable hoses have attributes that the rubber hoses do not:

(1)    Much lighter

  1. A rubber 50’ hose weighs on average 7 ¾ pounds
  2. An expandable latex 50’ hose weighs on average 1 ¼ pound

(2)    Less chances of kinks and getting trying to flip and untangle them

(3)    Less of a footprint; space saver per se

  1. Measures 16’ when not in use and that means loops are even smaller

(4)    A little bit more about the hose:  ¾” double-latex interior, copper fittings, nylon fabric exterior

(5)    On / Off lever on the hose itself near the ¾” copper end (the end that connects to the nozzle)

  1. This helps to ensure the pressure does not get built up and split the seams near the copper connections
  2. This is a known issue with expandable latex hoses so, remember to use the lever

This expandable hose from The Hose Company is a kit that comes with not only the hose but, an eight-function nozzle and wall hook to hold it all up.

Easy for my kids and I to maneuver around my truck cleaning it all over; no leaks from end-to-end to include the plastic nozzle.  It is also strikingly good looking with the blue and green stripes.

Disclosure:  I received this hose from the store front TopStockBiz discounted however; this in no way influenced my review but, I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.  This post may contain affiliate links and, if clicked, I may receive compensation.

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