Christmas Gift Sacks

Christmas Santa Claus Sack By Huan Xun

My kids’ daycare has hosted a Christmas party at her house for around 40 years now and goes all out.  We make on average 800 tamales, have two huge vats of hot cocoa (Abuelita  brand only allowed), platters of homemade sandwiches, bowls of red punch, minimum of two gigantic piñatas, a Christmas play on the coming of Jesus Christ, and finally Santa Claus with his sacks of presents!


She has a rule that every child under her roof on this day shall be given a present from Santa Claus.  That means she personally buys a present for around 50 children and wraps them just for this one night.  Yes, she is one of the most selfless people I have ever met and now you know why my kids have been going to her daycare for ten and a half years now!

While this Santa Sack will most definitely NOT hold 50 presents, not many will, it can carry quite a bit and add to the theme for the evening this year.

Material & Threading:

The Santa sack is made from one piece of canvas.  It is not two separate pieces sewn together on three sides but, one piece folded over and sewn up the two sides.  This ensures that the bottom will not give out and your package dumped out.  The top has a corded drawstring for closure to be able to swiftly open and close securely when needed.

I recommend using this for one or two awkwardly shaped large presents that are difficult to wrap or many, many much smaller presents.  The latter is what my daycare will be using this for, of course.  Of note is the maximum weight limit being 110 lb ~ can fit my kids in this easily but, lifting may throw my back out ~ laughing wickedly of course!

She is extremely thrilled with this bag and I am going to use fabric markers (or paint ~ haven’t decided yet) to write “Agnew’s Daycare” in the label area of the bag.  Can personalize it anyway you want but, remember to place a piece of cardboard inside and in-between the canvas to ensure your medium of choice does not bleed through.

Disclosure: I received Santa Claus sack by Huan Xun discounted from the store front Well Done Fashion Jewelry however; this in no way influenced my review. I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

They also sell a few other designs for Holiday bags that all have the ability to be personalized  to include:

(1)    Moose Themed North Pole Post Office Delivery Bag

(2)    Delivery Labeled with North Pole Special Delivery

(3)    Rudolph Express Delivery

What little things do you do to keep the Christmas belief alive?

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