Electric Steam Locomotive

Railway King Electric Steam Locomotive  By HakToys USA

My youngest son, David, has loved dinosaurs and trains since he was a toddler and hasn’t changed his mind on it either.  He splits his wants from being a paleontologist to a conductor and we also have a membership to the local train museum (all gauges except S as the museum cannot accommodate their size and power intake ~ long story).  He also has a suitcase (yes, a suitcase) full of the train sets he already has.  This is comparable to the H.O. scale and can accommodate Thomas the Train trains.

Having gone through the many trials and tribulations I have therefore had many lessons learned instances when working with a young child building train tracks; especially the snap-fitting tracks.  Side note before I forget:  If you want more train tracks for this set or comparable trains you can get them here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018073PYM and it comes with 10 pieces of both straight and curved to further expand the fun.

This train set by HakToys USA consists of tracks which literally “snap” in place that can make a 40 ½” x 30 ¾” oval shaped train track; this is using all at the largest point it can be made into.  It also comes with everything you need to make this train set number one in your train lover’s life:  Steam Locomotive, a Coal Wagon, two Passenger Wagons, a Decorative Tree, a Railway Station, a bottle of environmentally-friendly smoke oil, and 10 interchangeable tracks.

Can either be run on imagination (for those of us that are migraine sensitive) or on 4 AA batteries which are not included; doing this turns on the music and sound effects!  Battery compartment is housed in the Coal Wagon.  Another side note is that there is NO sound switch to turn it on and/or off.  Once it is on, it is on.  A couple drops of the liquid smoke in the smoke stack make this go, go, go choo-choo around the tracks!

Note:  Each time you want to add the liquid smoke oil you need to power it off and wait for two minutes to let it cool down before you add any more.

As for the electrical components; the wiring does seem a bit chintzy but, it currently works.  If the running of the train starts to become intermittent and fresh batteries don’t help I am going to do a bit of reinforcement with solder personally.

To be able to power the main locomotive you need to connect the Coal Wagon to the back of the Locomotive so, ensure this is how it all gets connected when running the tracks.  The actual on/off switch is on top of the locomotive towards the back.

Always remember this lessons learned though when dealing with these types of tracks:  They do much better on flat surfaces so, even if the only flat surface may be a bathroom are more than acceptable than the pains you will experience from trying to run trains on these types of tracks on carpeting.

This is his “Polar Express” as I cannot honestly afford the real one and he absolutely LOVES this train!

Disclosure: I received the Railway King Electric Steam Locomotive Train Set discounted from the store front HakToys USA on Amazon however; this in no way influenced my review. I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Listing of other replacement parts (just plug the ASIN straight into the site or Amazon itself):

Replacement smoke oil can be found at ASIN B01C0ZT39G

Replacement tracks set can be found at ASIN B018073PYM

Replacement locomotive can be found at ASIN B019R9DK9W

Replacement wagon can be found at ASIN B019RA0IZK

Do trains still make your inner child smile?

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