Dry Dog Shampoo

Dry Dog Shampoo By Mindful Pets

Quite a few reasons why this dry dog shampoo in foaming mousse form works very well for my dogs and household as a whole:

(1) Just got a new dog and wanted to quickly make them smell like each other; they were a bit more comforted by this fact alone.
(2) Even though my first dog does not mind baths I give them baths and then have them dry outside in the warm sun vice having my whole place smell like wet dog which is difficult to do when the weather turns cool-ish outside or when raining.
(3) With the new dog I am not sure how she will do with bathing so, introducing her to bathing a bit at a time works well as she has been very sheltered and is very skittish due to her history (she is a rescue for a reason).

Questionable directions state to apply the foam on y our pet from head to tail. Rub and massage foam throughout to coat. Leave solution on and allow to dry; no rinse required.
Why questionable? While it wasn’t too bad for my straight short-haired dog it left my new dog who has scruffier fur very matted looking.

Better directions for application after tried, tested, and the matted failure would be: Apply around 1/8 cup of foam directly to your hands, lightly wash hands together to apply to both hands then, gently massage into areas of your dog. Continue a bit at a time until the fur has been sufficiently coated and their body completely “washed”.




Simple ingredient listing: Water, Surfactant Blend, Polyoxyethylene, Fragrance, Preservatives.
While this does lean towards the mango and pomegranate scent it is due to the fragrance so, not really any essence nor very natural in my opinion. Good thing is that neither of my dogs (nor any of my children) are sensitive to smells nor fragrances. If you have children, members of the household, other animals, etc. that are sensitive to certain ingredients like “fragrance” you may want to look for more natural ways. For me and my household this does work very well though now that I got the “how to apply appropriately” down pat.
Disclosure: I received this product for free however; this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Do your pets enjoy getting bathed?

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