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Dog Seat Carrier By WO Pet

My dog, Eva, gets motion sick almost every time she goes for a car ride anywhere so, she must be on something beside the actual seating of the vehicle. She is a Terrier-Chihuahua mix and weighs 16 pounds; very stocky and muscular (not fat actually) but, unfortunately has short, stubby legs. Before this amazing dog seat carrier I had actually been using one of the inside boxes that comes with Amazon Pantry. Hey, it actually works phenomenally but, I am in the process of moving and time to move up and out to include her old dog box for the car.


The carrier is very adjustable to fit into many sizes of vehicle seats to include front and back. The back strap is fully adjustable and you need to ensure you fix it into place to allow the bottom of the carrier to be on the actual seat; I noted some people had adjusted the carrier to the top and of course had a gap on the bottom of the carrier and then they noted that the bottom sagged and could not support the weight of their dog. It is not meant to be mid-air but, to rest on the actual seat (rant over). The center of the back has a very long (but adjustable) strap to hook onto the harness, collar, etc. of your pet. Adjustable enough to allow them to be able to lay on the bottom of the carrier but, not enough length to jump out a winder (yes, mine has tried that one before).

The material is heavy duty almost likens to canvas. The sides are mesh and three sides of the carrier area are cushioned on the top to ensure your dog does not choke when resting their heads on it (mine likes to do that). The front of the compartment has a full-length zippered pouch to hold a harness or smaller items in it. There is also two loops on front for what looks like seatbelt loops but, unless it is more stiff then, they are useless for that. I do recommend using it for a small blanket that you roll up and put through or a couple of their toys. Up to you. There is a very long double-sided hook-rings that can be used to either further secure it to the back of the seat or the oh, poop bars (that’s where I hook mine while in front), or if you place this in the back seat you can use this to loop and secure it to the front.

My dog is very comfortable and finally feels secure on a ride! She doesn’t swish around as much as before and actually lays down and is noticeably relaxed ~ she has never done any of these before. Plus she has not even puked in it (yet, don’t want to jinx myself) but, if she does this is easy to spot clean. Folds right back up when done and makes a small flat footprint in my trunk. Very pleased with all aspects of this car seat.
Disclosure: I received this dog booster seat discounted however; this in no way influenced my review. I chose to write this review and was under no obligation to do so. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Do your pets love car rides?

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