School Starts As The Summer Fun Dissipates

      Where did summer go for it to already be two weeks into Autumn?! My summer was pretty much boring when in comparison to most others; work was extremely busy for me from June to mid-September and I am finally catching a breather! PHEW! I feel if I blink Christmas will be here! Oh, wait, it already has been in the stores.

Rant:  Now, don’t get me wrong I looooove the Holidays but, I truly feel each deserve their own time spots and that having decorations and such to purchase in the store months ahead of time dampens the spirit and meaning of each.  I could go on and on but, most people I know feel the same way to include being a devil’s advocate (opposes) of the way I feel.  To each their own and greedy corporations.  End rant.

With kids back in school that also means…. Common Core Math.  Q
ueue dreaded end of the world music I could go on another rant but, trust me, I know both sides of the reasoning behind wanting to incorporate it and wanting to trash it.  I could debate but, just understand that I feel for every person who has gotten frustrated with this math homework that has taken my kids hours to complete for the last 5 years they have been in the program. 

Continuing with the kids moment:  

My daughter is practicing for a talent show and has chosen to do a “rap” song; trust me, it isn’t rap, it is just her looking zoned out and speaking really fast due to memorization.  She is honestly like a stone statue when she sings or does anything in front of an audience.  I videotaped it I was so entranced by her trance.  At least it is a clean rap though.

My eldest son had his Phase 1 orthodontics removed and Phase 2 braces installed last month.  He is starting football next week; “Great timing mom.” I have been saying to myself.  He is torn between running for President or Vice President for his school’s student council.  No matter what, I am just proud he wants to strive to achieve it.  He has really been helping around the house every day he can especially this past summer when I was going through some medical issues.  He makes me so proud every day as I watch him grow.

My youngest son is my wildfire and even his teachers and principal say “Well, David is just David.”.  He is honestly the heart of this family and always makes us laugh with his “insight” AKA comments on something which for us is hysterical.  His thing this summer was to be “Jungle Man” and on more than one occasion I had to remind him he must at least keep his underwear on.  Ahhh to be young again.  At school his teacher put him in for student council representative for his class and he has almost met his first quarter A.R. goal (reading).

This summer also meant that almost all my reviewing, surveys, little side “jobs” I do for extra income, and, as is noticeable, my blog fell quite behind.  I hope you stay with me as I play catch-up on all things fun and exciting and move towards the Holiday seasons.

Happy Halloween and stay safe out there!  No, no clue what my kids are going to be for Halloween yet but, will update when we figure it out!

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