Vertical Hanging Planter

Vertical Hanging Planter By Living Gallerie

I have wanted to do vertical garden hanging for quite some time now to make a living wall along my chain link fence. Only issue being with that wish is that the main area around my yard gets bombarded with the scorching desert sun most of the year.

The material is not waterproof so you must include items to keep some moisture; I liken it to the thick black felt fabric you can get for weed control. The kit does come with separate 1′ squares to cut, wet, and wrap the plant’s root system in before placing into the pockets though. If you want to keep adding more then I recommend your dryer lint; it is what I normally use for moisture control to help plants retain it plus, it is compostable. Love that the fabric is made from recycled materials too; I dig environmentally friendly items (pun intended).

The whole hanging kit is 27″ in height (including the loops in my measurements) by 22″ in width and has 8 pockets measuring in at 10″ height by 5 1/2″ which is actually quite large and can hold a couple little root systems. The sides have felt sewn on to create the trim and end with loops at the top to help hang them. To keep this installed flush if you are having issues with it folding due to weight you can punch metal rings on them and zip tie them to the area (chain-link fence for my situation).

I do have a strip of fence along my “dog run” part though that is shaded by a large tree plus a 10’x10′ canopy.

Went the shady fern route with the plants I chose due to drought conditions for the last several years and also the material of the hanger itself that way I need only use a water sprayer vice drowning out the plants with any more than is needed. Easy to wrap and insert into each of the pockets. Can’t wait for next year when they should be bigger and bushier as long as they don’t die; never know with fungus and other pesky issues ferns get.

This is a very versatile wall hanger though and can be used in different ways; indoors and outdoors, herbs to flowers to ferns, sun to shade, cement walls to chain-link fences, roots to bulbs, and annuals to perennials.

Hasn’t been blown away by the dry and very strong Santa Ana winds we get during the fall months here and has done okay with the 100+°F weather we have also but, I have been having to water twice a day with my water mister. Great accent piece and will look even better as the wall of vertical hangers continue down the line.  Working on before and after pictures to show growth rate.
Disclosure: I received this product discounted however; this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

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