E-Oil Storage

E-Oil Carrying Case By Soothing Terra

This is what every essential oil enthusiast needs especially as a traveling case!  Holds 16 bottles of essential oils:  5ml, 10ml, 15ml and/or Roll-Ons.  Measures 6″ length x 6″ width x 3″ height.  Comes in black, light blue, purple, or green/terra.  I chose the light blue to review for a discount and it was more of a dusty blue vice light.  Very sturdy and each bottle is gently nestled in a very durable foam insert which keeps them safe and organized.  Has a pocket in the top to hold recipe cards or even diffuser necklaces and their pads.  Recommend getting top labels so you can easily see what each one is.  Still looking for one to hold 30ml and I wish they had one that was double stacked to hold even more.

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