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Alarm Clock By Plumeet

Now that my kids are older and able to be a bit more self-sufficient I have been planning on camping trips and other outdoor adventures to partake in as a family.

Our only battery operated clock ended up finally giving up on itself a few months ago though and I personally wanted a battery operating clock for camping trips and such.  Not taking my sons’ LEGO Ninja’go clocks; just not my thing.  We went cabin camping this past Mother’s Day and I ended up packing my daughter’s plug-in clock.

This clock is exactly what we needed:

Easy access battery compartment ~ right on the back and only takes 2 AA batteries.

NOTE:  When you initially put the batteries in the clock beeps a few times; startled me I admit but, at least you know your batteries work.

Big snooze / light button ~ right smack dab on top and the only button too; no more fumbling around

Simple to use ~ each button is separate from the other on back and blatantly labeled; even has a separate 12/24 button

Very audible ~ very, very audible; the speaker is on back and may only be a centimeter in diameter it is very, very audible

Lock ~ the Time Set / Alarm Set / Calendar Set switch on back also has a Lock setting so you never have to worry about accidentally changing any of the other functions with an accidental touch.

While the unit itself is made of plastic it is encompassed with silicone on the four sides and touches the front to the screen area.  While it is cute and all ~ I am not a fan of silicone due to my kids.  Silicone gets covered with carpet fibers and dust very easily.  Eh, I can take it off if it really starts bothering me though.  The silicone cover comes off very easily to be washed, dried, and can be slipped right back on.

Disclosure: I received this product for free however; this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Are you a non-stop snooze button pusher or are you an immediate up and go person?

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