Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner By Bissell

The carpet in my mobile home has been in here for 11 years and I have lived in here for 9 years. The family before me ran a daycare out of here and did not clean the carpets with the right solution when there were spills; they used bleach so, there are several spots that are notable lighter but, I just put furniture in those areas.

I had won an Amazon Gift Card and having gone through two other carpet shampoo machines in the last 15 years and even though my current one still works great I wanted something more commercial in the deep cleaning area. Read many reviews between the two Big Greens and decided to go with this one due to the actual attachment that comes with it. With three kids, a dog and a cat I normally shampoo my carpets every quarter (three months) as a MINIMUM. I am a bit on the OCD scale when it comes to cleanliness I admit.

The Big Green came together in one piece so, not putting it together; the handle folds down for storage purposes. The dirty water reservoir had a bottle of carpet shampoo concentrate and a large piece of cardboard to keep it from crashing around in the compartment.

This is a really easy carpet cleaner to set up and get ready to go. I personally like to put very warm water in the clean water tank and added a couple capfuls of the concentrated shampoo. The whole unit even when empty is quite hefty so, with the full water tank it is definitely a two handed heavy shampooer.

Not very maneuverable due to the design and weight however easy to adjust to quick 45° angles to go back and forth with. I have not had any issues with the unit nor the power cable heating up nor the filters becoming clogged from fur. One thing about carpet cleaners is that no matter how much you vacuum your carpets right before you shampoo it is amazing how much fur gets collected with the carpet cleaners.

When I got this in I immediately put it to work. Doing room-by-room day-by-day emptying them out as much as I can before I clean them. On the first day I day I did my sons’ room and hallway, next up was the living room then daughter’s room and my bedroom. Took me 30 minutes to do the smaller rooms and an hour to do the living room but, not due to size but, just more dirt in there. The carpet cleaner does a really good job at suctioning up the dirt and excess water; no sloshing at least.

Carpets were dry enough for regular traffic one hour afterwards and furniture two hours afterwards. Dirty water container was really easy to clean out each day and I just let them air dry. The gaskets did not come out of place when I was removing the lids and everything but, with the heat around these parts my plan is to use some Vaseline to keep them in tip top shape and not become brittle and break.

So far I am very pleased with the results; I can see the bleached spots just like when I moved in 9 years ago and the fibers are fluffy again. The before and after is quite notable and the cleaner is very easy to clean afterwards. If at any time the cleaner does not follow through with my expected results I will assuredly update my review. Separate note I am definitely going to be sending off the registration to the company for warranty purposes too just in case.

Flooring:  Which do you prefer?  If I could I would go Pergo throughout!

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