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Pruning Saw By Careful Gardener

I have one of those long handled pruning saws to get up in my trees with and a hand-held saw but that one is on its last leg and is more of a pain than anything when trying to get into closed in spaces and being able to maneuver easily.

 With having trees and living in a drought ridden state no matter how much you try and water the root systems will grow close to the surface and I have little tree offshoots sprouting up everywhere and, of course, all in the wrong places. I usually use a pair of pruning shears and hope I can cut through deep enough to rip the branch off. Used this to start removing a dead bush in the back of my fence line (pictured).

This hand trimmer while made of plastic it is very sturdy and well made. It has a blade locking and unlocking button (the black button) as a safety feature; perfectly aligned with my thumb to make quick work of it. The handle portion of it is covered with a non-slip rubber grip; no worries about sweaty hands slipping.

The blade is made of stainless steel and is made of two rows of serrated teeth; thick steel with not a lot of give. Does not bow when sawing and cutting like my other ones but, my other hand held saws only have a single row of serrated teeth. This shreds wood so ensure you are wearing the proper PPE (safety goggles in this case); throw in a pair of thick gloves for good measure too. With how the teeth are (two rows of serrated teeth) they have a tendency to get stuck especially when you get started until you get enough of a groove into the bark; a little wiggle and it goes free though.


(1) The blade is bolted into place and I noted that it was slightly loose when I took it out of the packaging; tightened and I will be inspecting it before each use.

(2) The blade was not oiled upon receipt; this is just something I personally like and is not affecting my like nor dislike of the trimmer. Oiled immediately after tightening bolt.


This is a really good handy trimmer that makes a lot of the trimming that I personally need for my yard; bushes, saplings, branches overhanging my roof. Nothing more than 2″ though is what I have used this on and plan on using it for. Another main thing I am going to be using this for is when we go camping; always good to have a saw and this is compact and ready to travel.

Disclosure: I received this product discounted however; this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

ThornX Pruning Shears

I was immediately impressed by the size of the ThornX Shears and how it is obviously for “heavy duty” pruning. The blades were already coated and ready to go. Easy to flip the lever with thumb to open and the handle is easy to grip to open and close. The shears cut smoothly with no need to rip to finish the cut either. I was able to clear out all my saplings in no time flat. I received the ThornX Pruning Shears at a discount.  Very professional shears.

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