Mother’s Day & Celebrations

     For Mother’s Day I decided to take my kids camping and yes, it was loads of fun but, I am still trying to play catch-up with everything even two weeks later.  This is the first time I have even been able to jump onto my blog to update anything in almost three weeks.  Life has just been very busy.


     I do have to say though that this has been one roller coaster of a month!  While my personal and family life has hit road bumps every single day and my work life has been extremely busy and frustrating but, my online luck has been on a roll for once.


     I am writing this on the 19th of the month and so far I have won 14 books from Good Reads, 2 Kindle books from Author’s doing Amazon Bouncy Box Sweepstakes, a $50 Spa Finder Gift Card from Kid Stir via a Facebook Giveaway, an Amazon Fire Tablet from The Book Gorilla (a bouncy box on Amazon) , a Captain American Civil War Sling Shot / Shield by Hasbro from Kohl’s, two Fandango tickets, a $100 Visa from a @SoFabChats Twitter Party, and a $1,500 Amazon Gift Card.  To top it all off I went ahead and cashed out a total of $40 from a few survey sites, $25 REG Movie Theater Gift Card, $10 Starbucks Gift Card from Bing, and $20 from Checkout 51.  


     With the Amazon Gift Card I was able to get a generator and all the accessories to get it going; living in a trailer park means we lose power a lot and I was just fed up of it all plus, a generator will be awesome for camping.  I also got a heavy duty carpet cleaner because my carpets are done with three kids, a dog, a cat, and me; my plan this weekend is to go industrial on my carpets.  Yay……  Next is a circular saw and jigsaw so I can finish up DIY projects without having to constantly borrow my neighbors’ tools.  


     Next month starts summer vacation for my kids and I am hoping to be able to take a week off to spend some actual quality time with them sometime in either July or August; they spend summer vacation at daycare.  June is out of the question with my work schedule the way it is.  Ce’est la vie!


     Found out this month that Amazon also has not only Beauty Boxes but, other sampling style boxes.  The prices are a bit more but, at least for May the price you pay is credited back to you a couple weeks after it ships.  That credit though can only be used to purchase a full sized item that you sampled in the box.  I chose the Beauty Box at $9.99; it will get here around the first week of June.  


     I also got into a VoxBox from Influenster and stopped my BirchBox Subscription to start a subscription for my kids called KidStir.  


     Really excited about this month in the end even though it has been hectic.  Click around and see what is new!  As I start loading everything into my pages I will re-publish each one to update the dates on them.


     Happy Mother’s Day and an early Happy Father’s Day to all you parents out there!


Question:  What are your summer plans?

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