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Leather Portfolio By BarkOD3

At work my traveling companions for paperwork and such is normally a 6″x9″ Steno Book, a bunch of blue folders, and sometimes an 8″x11″ paper pad, a pen tucked somewhere, my cellphone, plus my identification card to get me access to where I need to go (the last two are dependent on if what I am wearing has pockets or not).
The Barkod3 is truly an all-in-one for me after adjusting to certain measurements. The black PU leather with red accents and the striking white stitching is professional looking for both men and women but, gives me an added chic style; my favorite colors are black and red so, I might be biased with the colors. No chemical scent noted and was able to start using it immediately; incorporated into my daily work routine quite nicely. Slightly cushioned and very comfortable to hold and tote around with me.

There was a bit of work around with how my items would have to fit due to the measurements adjustments I stated above.
The main pocket area on the left side fits regular sized paper in length but, the width has the paper resting on the zipper edge.

Work around? I can place my papers behind the pad of paper located on the right side and use the main pocket area for my 6″x9″ steno pad.

If the whole notebook was 1/4″ wider it would be able to hold normal sized paper here.

Medium zippered pocket located on the left side holds highlighters, pens, and my white out tape effortlessly and am able to not only zip up the pocket itself but, the whole portfolio can be zippered easily when packed full.

Inlaid red compartments on the left side:

The mesh covered area can either hold your identification cards, business cards, and/or money. For me I slipped my Samsung Galaxy S3 in horizontally (cannot fit vertically with the case on) and am still able to close the whole portfolio with ease.

The top red compartment I put a 3″x5″ sticky note pad in; it cannot hold anything larger than this size.

I like the notepad and pen that came with this; pen ink was blue in mine which is a no-no at work so I just switched ink from another pen I didn’t like the look of.

I am very pleased with the zipper though. It is a full on zipper are vice having the ends right at the closure; this gives it less of a chance of breaking or coming off track per se.
Everyone has does different jobs and has different functions than others so, you will most likely use this differently than I or you may even use it the same way. For me, I like this but, I truly wish it was just a tab wider.

Disclosure: I received this product for free however; this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

What’s your #1 organizational tip?

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