Gummy Bear Molds

Gummy Bear Molds By Gooj

We are definitely more of a make it from scratch type of family and lean towards natural and organic when feasible. Making homemade gummy bears has been on our to-do list for a while now and we were finally able to fulfill it with the 2-pack of gummy trays and pipettes from Gooj.


Came with 3 trays that have 50 gummy bear molds in each plus, the three pipettes. The silicone trays showed no white stretch marks when I tested them out for being BPA free.

Vice going full on fruit and candy we decided to go a more “adult” and neutral route with our gummies. This blend is also great for soothing the throat as both my sons can attest to this week (their throats have been bothering them plus, coughing); I am most likely going to create more of a candy-based throat lozenge with this recipe in the future though. You can use any flavor you care to for the juice and tea; variety is the spice of life.

1 1/2 cup organic apple juice (I do not recommend highly acidic juices with this recipe)

** Heat up but, not to the boiling nor bubbling point then mix all together

1/2 cup Guava Leaf Tea

2 Tbsp. Honey

4 Tbsp. Grass-Fed Gelatin

*** Diversify blends to your hearts content! There are so many different teas and honey out there have some fun; as long as you get 2 cups liquid this recipe will solidify up just fine. Can substitute Agave for the honey if you wish to also.

I highly recommend placing the gummy mold trays on a plate/platter/pan/tray to be able to transfer everything into the refrigerator. We did have some issues with air and bubbles in the pipettes but, the pipettes all-in-all did a really awesome job of transferring the “liquid” to the trays. My 10 year old twins were able to fill up trays of their own with no problems.

Took roughly one hour to set all the way but, we didn’t get around to removal until the next day. Removal was the easiest I have ever had from silicone molds (fudge can sometimes be a pain with silicone molds trust me); I had my 6 year old remove the gummies from the trays that way everyone helps out in some way. He had no problems what so ever removing them; push the back with a thumb and they just popped right out.

The pipettes come apart and the total wash up was a breeze; warm soapy water and everything dissolves, run a sponge over it all then air dry. I cannot attest to these being dishwasher safe as I normally hand wash everything and just use my dishwasher as a giant drying rack.

Now I am going to be working on a recipe involving essential oils, vitamins, tea, ginger, and maybe juice to create a type of multi-vitamin with these gummy bear trays. If that works well then I will move into glucosamine gummies for my aging and aching joints! How about fiber gummies? As I type I keep getting more ideas because honestly, the possibilities are endless with what you can do with these trays.

Disclosure: I received this product for free however; this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

What would you make with these gummy bear molds?


  1. I’m glad to find out not to make fudge in silicone molds. I love these gummy bear molds, I can’t think of anything creative, but it would be fun to just have gummy bears. You have some good ideas!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Agree with the fudge and silicone, I personally am not a fan of spraying my molds down :-/ The gummy bears are super fun and there are lots of possibilities!

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