Marimo By Luffy

Marimos are the unique plants which look like a green, fuzzy ball. According to ancient Japanese folklore, the Marimo symbolizes love in its purest form. The unacceptable love of a tribal chief’s daughter for a commoner forced the young couple to run away from the village. In an effort never to be found and separated, the lovers metamorphosed into what is now known as Lake Akan’s Marimo, where they dwell together for eternity.

These are quite the interesting trend; I know some people have Marimos as actual pets due to how easy they are to take care of. 

This particular kit is meant to used as a romantic gift set but, the only loves in my life are my kids so, we set out putting this together as a family symbolizing our love for each other.  The red sand that comes with this is heavy and sticks to the bottle; I have had no issues of the sand becoming unsettled or drifting out when I change the water.

The “crystals” are 50/50 in my book; a good 1/3 of them never settled and float no matter what.  We placed enough water in it and left 1/2 of an inch from the top because I did not want the cork to start getting saturated.  The Marimos themselves are around 1/2″ in diameter and were dehydrated for shipping with no grey/browning spots upon arrival.  They both floated for a few days until they were sufficiently saturated to settle on the bottom.  The cork fits perfectly in the opening and the rope wrapped around ours and stayed in place without even having to tie it off; I may use my hot glue gun to just make it a permanent fixture though. We keep it in the kitchen on top of the microwave because there is a sky light and the Marimos still need sunlight to grow. 

Very interesting conversational pieces we received to review at a discount that are so far much more sustainable and easier to maintain than all the short-lived fish we have gone through.  My kids keep watching to see if the Marimos have grown; they will have a long time to wait and can learn patience from these.

Have you ever heard or seen Marimo’s before?

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