Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless Steel Straws By Eco At Heart

I normally use reusable silicone straws that come in two pieces; one part the straight area and the second part the angle which slides over the straight to create one angled drinking straw plus, no cleaning brush.  I do not want to even venture into the reusable glass drinking straws; just not my thing.

Even though they are reusable they are too flexible to drink a nice refreshing smoothie with; I like to be able to mix and break up pieces if necessary and with these stainless steel straws I received discounted, I am able to have more functionality with my straw plus, came with a cleaning brush ~ yay!  My kids like using the stainless steel ones because they can immediately see the condensation being created on the outside of the straw as they sip through it and they love how cold it all gets; a science lesson taught deliciously with smoothies and smiles.  No metallic taste whatsoever in any of the drinks we have used these with; predominately smoothies though which I make for my kids and I after our weekend hikes, biking, etc.  We are an on the go family.  These are durable and study with no sharp edges but, still be mindful when on the go!  Easy to clean and dry; I hand wash everything so, I cannot attest on these being dishwasher safe.

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