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Mixed Nut Gift Pack By Sweet Choice

I personally love a handful of protein packed nuts (any of them) as a quick snack and my kids are finally appreciating their value too.  I think the medium-sized is a generous amount gift pack that I received for free; weighted in at 601 grams.  Simple and to the point packaging; plastic wrap around the edges and a gold mesh bow tied through the center; looks exactly like it does in the description.

5 of the compartments are different kinds of nuts:

Cashews ~ Very fresh in taste, lightly salted, and nice sized!

Pistachios ~ Fresh in taste, not heavily salted and several empty shells out of the lot; not a good ratio.

Walnuts ~ Raw halves that were very fresh in taste.

Almonds ~ Whole and roasted with a fresh taste.

Pecans ~ Baked in honey with a notable crunch; several were stuck in two-sies.

1 Compartment is mixed nuts with the following in mine:  Raw walnuts, Roasted almonds, Roasted salted cashews, 2 Macadamia Nuts, 5 Hazelnuts ** Yes, I counted them.

CON:  No food label / nutrition label anywhere.  While I understand that they may not want stickers on the container (just an idea as to why there is no labeling) I have bought many items in which the information is on a slip of paper with it vice a sticker on it.

All-in-all this is a good, generous sized, and fresh tasting mix of nuts ideal for giving or personal snacking.

Which is your favorite nut?

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